How Your Law Firm’s Newsletter Can Be Succeed: Few Tips

How Your Law Firm’s Newsletter Can Be Succeed: Few Tips

You have a law firm.  You want to reach out to your clients and connect with others.  Starting a law firm newsletter is a great way for you to do all those things.  It also allows you to have content to show you know what you are doing.  This article we will help you with your law firm, focused on those in the US, to find success in doing a newsletter.

What are the goals of a law firm newsletter?

      Once you’ve decided to start the newsletter, the first thing you need to do is determine exactly what it is that you want to accomplish with it.  You need to determine what the goal is for your law firm newsletter.  If you don’t have a goal, your newsletter won’t appeal to anyone. If you don’t know your goals, your newsletter will be boring and won’t get readers. 

Determining your goal for the newsletter is key.  Some ideas on the goal you should be setting are:

  • Who do you want to appeal to?
  • Who how frequently do you want to communicate?
  • What is the best way to communicate it?
  • What do you want to accomplish with your newsletter?

By starting to determine your goals through these questions and fine-tuning these things you can set your newsletter up for success.

Why do law firm newsletters fail

    Law firm newsletters generally fail for a few reasons.  Most of them can be broken down to just a few bottom-line reasons:

1 – There is no direction to their content.  They didn’t focus on a specific audience, and therefore they don’t appeal to anyone.  

2 – There is infrequency in communication and disconnection between the law firm and the audience.

3 – No planning in the content of the newsletter.  It’s noticeable when a company doesn’t prepare for their audience.  This can cause disenchantment.

4 – The law firm doesn’t see results from the newsletter.  There is no one success marker, but you need results of some sort.

These really all can be avoided with a little planning and solid direction.  You can avoid these pitfalls with your newsletter as well.

Turn your attorney newsletters into a conversation starter 

If your attorney newsletters are just providing content, and that’s it, you will get tired of preparing the content.  Providing content that your audience will connect with is great, and a great start.  Showing your audience how they can connect with you is also a great step.  Being interactive and sharing content that encourages them to reach out to you is even better.  Helping your readers be encouraged to connect and participate is one of the goals you can have for your newsletter. 

This will also be a great way for you to get feedback to find out if the content you are providing is connecting how you want it to.

The content of your newsletter should be useful to your readers

On top of your law firm newsletter starting a conversation, you want it to be useful.  Although you and your team love court rulings and controversial decisions, it may not appeal to others.  Be sure that if you include that type of content, show them how that is relevant to them. 

Help your audience understand how to connect with you and with the newsletter.  Connect the dots for them to see how this information is useful to your audience.  By providing useful information your audience will stick around for longer.

Make it attractive and easy to read

Most law firm newsletters end up having content that is law focused.  It can be very easy to write a newsletter using legalese and law jargon.  A majority of your audience most likely will not understand much of these phrases and words.  Writing a newsletter that uses basic verbiage and language will appeal to your target audience. 

If you need to throw in some legalese, be sure to take some time to explain what that means.  Clarify those terms for your readers to more easily connect to the content.  In doing this, it allows your audience to feel as if they connect to you and your law firm much easier.

Make the right call to action (CTA)

As you prepare for your successful newsletter, ending the newsletter the right way is key.  If you have been able to connect to your targeted audience and are appealing to them, the next thing is giving them a call to action. 

Some of these can be engaging in conversation with the law firm through email, social media, or phone calls.  You can provide a question where someone can get a prize for getting the right answer.  You can ask a controversial question and encourage engagement on the proper platform.  You can even encourage your audience to share the newsletter and your law firm details to friends and families. 

There are several ideas, and not really anything wrong or right.  There is good and better, and it’s up to you to determine what your audience would relate to.  It also depends on what you want to do with your audience. 

How often should you send a newsletter?

There are several things to consider when trying to determine how often you should send a newsletter.  The biggest thing is how much time you can allocate to making a successful newsletter.  Remember, staying consistent is the biggest key.  Determining how much time you have to dedicate to a newsletter is important.  If you do it weekly, monthly, quarterly, or another frequency, be sure it’s done consistently.  After you determine how much time you have, find out if there are expectations from your targeted audience.  Find out what would they expect and are you able to find some common ground with that and what you can provide.


There isn’t really a right or wrong way to provide a successful law firm newsletter from your law firm to your audience.  Most of the success can be in the preparation and planning of your newsletter.  If you have successfully planned your newsletter, there is a lot of leeway for trial and error until you find out the other things.  Relevant content and the ease of reading can help as well.  Depending on what you have determined what your goals are for your newsletter will help you know your newsletter is successful!


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