How to use the cream charger when DIY cakes?

There are many people who like to make cakes at home, so when making cakes, the most important thing is to have a cream charger. In this way, the shape of the cakes will be more beautiful, and it will not save a lot of cumbersome processes. , but many people do not know how to use the cream gun, and these wrong use methods will only make the cake making process more complicated, so the method is very critical when using the cream gun, to open the top It can only be used after the lid is closed.

  1. Pour a third of the liquid cream into the bottle.
  2. Close and shake for 20 minutes.

Air bomb:

Gas bombs are nitrous oxides that act primarily on cream foaming guns.

  1. The air bomb mainly acts on the cream foaming gun. The material of the air bomb is iron, which is nitrous oxide.
  2. The fine bubble-like flow structure when the gas-liquid two-phase flows vertically is different from the fine-bubble flow structure when it flows vertically.

The former fine bubbles are concentrated in the core part of the tube while the latter are scattered over the entire tube section. When the flow rate of the liquid phase remains unchanged, the flow rate of the gas phase is

If it increases, the fine bubbles will gather into a gas bomb, forming a gas-liquid two-phase flow with a descending elastic flow structure. The slug-like flow structure consists of a series of

It consists of a series of gas bombs. The end of the gas bomb is hemispherical, and the tail is flat. There are small air bubbles between the two gas bombs. The liquid film between the gas bomb and the tube wall flows downward.

  1. Open the top cover of the cream gun and remove the protective cap of the magazine.
  2. Pour in the fresh cream, not more than half, and then lock the top cover of the cream gun.
  3. Correctly fill the cartridge into the magazine and tighten the magazine.
  4. Put on the selected fancy nozzle, hold the cream gun, and shake it.
  5. Turn the cream gun upside down and you can press out the cream.

Cream (Cream) or cream, cream, klim, is a yellow or white fatty semi-solid food extracted from cow’s milk and goat’s milk. It is a dairy product made from the higher milk fat layer of the top layer of raw milk before homogenization.

Because raw milk sits for a while, the less dense fat will rise to the top layer. In industrial production procedures, this step is usually accomplished by separator centrifuges. In many countries, cream is graded according to its fat content. The common whipped cream and fresh cream in the domestic market actually refer to animal cream, that is, cream extracted from natural milk.

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