How To Use Social Media Content Marketing For SEO

Use social media marketing for SEO

Learning how to use social media content marketing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes can grow your business online. Your social media activity and SEO are on the same team so they should work together. SEO results can also improve quite a bit by putting extra thought into your social media activity.

Social media content marketing and SEO are both huge in today’s marketing world. However, a lot of business owners fail to use them together properly.

In this article, I will go over how to use content marketing and SEO together to supercharge your results with both.

Before we answer the questions about social media content marketing and SEO, we should explain some industry terms.

Glossary of SEO terms

  • SERP: Search engine results page
  • Search rank: The position a URL holds on a SERP for a particular keyword
  • Domain or page authority (DA & PA): The strength of a website or page on a particular subject in the eyes of search engines. For example, the SPN social network is known by search engines to be an authority on social media groups. This means we have a better chance to rank for keywords related to social media groups than most other sites.
  • BacklinksA backlink is a website link that points to your website. The higher the DA or PA of a webpage that provides you a link the more it will benefit your SERP. Bad backlinks or links from sites that have low DA or PA due to spam or bad reputation can hurt your SERP. So it’s important to make sure you write content that makes high DA sites or popular social media accounts to link back to your site.

What is social media content marketing?

Social media content marketing consists of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract your target audience. The idea is to drive profitable customer actions by creating social media content that makes people trust your brand.

There is a lot that goes into creating the right social media content to generate paying customers for any business.  A business that only posts about their business on social media will not do as well as a business that knows how to also entertain people through their content and engagement. People do not go to social media to shop, but they also respond to brands that do it right.

Take Wendy’s Twitter and other social media activity as an example of a big brand doing it right. Red Bull also does a good job with their social media activity by partnering up with exciting sports and events. Red Bull got tens of millions of views onto their brand name due to having people watch a man parachute from space down to Earth. This was pure entertainment, but it also was a great way to get everyone to look at Red Bull.

Does social media help SEO?

People always seem to debate how much, if any, effect social media has on SEO. However, Google and Bing also let people know social media affects SERP in 2010. In 2014, Google began to claim that social media had nothing to do with their SERP. In 2018, it also became very clear that social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts tend to have a high PA. Bottom line, social media posts rank high in the search engines if the content is done right.

Social media posts can rank really high in Google and Bing SERP. The websites and blogs that link to these high ranking social media posts also tend to rank high. That makes it hard to dispute the effect of social media content marketing on SEO.

Social media shares drive traffic and create backlinks to websites and blogs. Now, these may not be the best backlinks in the world, but they’re traffic producing backlinks so there is a benefit.

What are some ways to create backlinks through social media?

It’s a good idea to use every social media networking or membership site that you can. You also put some thought into how you set up your bio or about me sections. Put a solid description and a link to your website, blog or YouTube channels and videos so you can get the most benefit.

There are thousands of FREE social networking and membership sites that will give you backlinks. Many of those sites, like this one, will also allow you to create an account for FREE too.

I made this site to sell things like Amazon products and digital marketing services, but I also made this a social networking site so I help people create backlinks to their websites, YouTube videos, and other social media profiles.

What can I say? I like to help people make more money online. Having backlinks on high-ranking websites helps a lot, so I felt it was worth the effort to make the SPN social networking site.

Making sure that you create company pages where you can is also a great way to get backlinks. Good company pages can drive traffic from both social media sites and search engines. Use all the sites that you can share social media activity to build your brand and create backlinks. Use different social media sites to build more relationships with people that may share things and create backlinks for you.

Social media usage is on the rise

Over 4.3 billion people are adding to social media usage worldwide. That number is also going up every second of every day. Nearly 60% of the world’s population is on the internet with 80% of those internet users owning social media accounts. In fact, those social media users average over 5.5 social media accounts apiece.  Social media content marketing is also for the most part FREE. You can do paid advertising, but building a large social media following can help you save that money too.

Therefore, it makes a ton of sense to use social media content as much as you can to build your brand in 2019. It’ll make even more sense in 2020 and beyond too. Just over a third of all people over the age of 65 use social media for different reasons. Nearly, 90% of everyone under the age of 45 use social media and the number goes up as the age goes down. Research shows that nearly 20% of your social media followers will also subscribe to your website’s newsletter, so it pays to have a big social media following.

Social media ROI vs. SEO ROI

A lot of the business owners that I speak to ask me about the difference between social media and SEO ROI. I always tell them the same thing, which is you should look at social media and SEO expenses as basically the same thing. It’s all digital marketing despite the differences between the two. You need to have your social media content marketing and website content on the same page. You can use different services for social media marketing and SEO, but their messages and goals should be the same.

Your ROI will also improve if you’re pushing consistent content out there to your followers and the search engines. The best way to improve your social media and SEO ROI is to educate yourself on how to do things right. Sadly, there are a lot of social media marketing and SEO companies out there that aren’t any good. Getting set up with the wrong service can also really cost you a lot of money and delay positive results.

Therefore, it’s important to do research and plan things out a bit before you do them. It’s also important to not waste time getting your business online and making progress. The sooner you start doing the right things with your social media content marketing and SEO the sooner you will get a healthy ROI.

Final thoughts on how to use social media and SEO to grow your business

Producing healthy social media content marketing and SEO results is not easy especially if you’re not doing things right. Having a good website that is built using solid SEO and branding strategies is always the first step to making money online. Getting people to the website is the second step you need to take to make money online. A good social media content marketing and SEO campaign can also help you get to where you want to go.

The better you do at picking your vendors and building your landing pages the better you will do. Network with professionals that have been there and done. Ask questions and engage in their social media content. Engaging and asking questions on social media can help you learn a lot of things for FREE.

There are a lot of professionals on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and SPN that can help you learn and grow too. Find people that practice win-win marketing and networking to avoid paying for the lessons you need to learn.

Join all the social media sites that you can create backlinks and drive website traffic to your business. Only about 2% of your social media followers will turn into customers, so get a lot of followers. You can get lucky with your social media content marketing by having a post go viral at any time, but chances aren’t great.

However, doing the right things on social media and with SEO generally, lead to great results over time.  Therefore, it makes sense to engage with the right people if you want to make money online. Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me or simply ask questions and share comments down below to get more info.

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  1. Love this article, Mike! :)

    I’m trying to learn #SEO basics and this kind of articles, written from the first hand and experience are the ones that I find helpful the most.

    Technical subjects might be a bit hard to understand sometimes and I really like the way you explained and linked #SEO with social media content marketing.

    It’s always important to understand the general picture and purpose, instead of getting lost in details and doing things without really understanding them.

    It’s so true as well that we can learn a lot of things for free on social media. I have my group of people who I really trust in certain topics and I would always go to check their content first, or ask them for advice.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.:)