How to Use Artificial Grass to Decorate Your House

You’ll adore this design trend if you enjoy being outside and would like to include natural features in your home.

There are several advantages to having greenery inside your home, including raising its well-being rating and fostering a peaceful atmosphere. What occurs, nevertheless, if you adore the lushness of a lawn but simply lack the time to devote to the watering, trimming, and weeding that real gardening requires?

Artificial lawns are the solution! Even if you lack green thumbs, you may stock up on fake grass that resembles genuine grass in terms of lushness and naturalness. Additionally, it need not only be done outside. Inside your home, artificial grass may be creatively employed in a variety of ways to offer a nice green touch that won’t ever dry out, wilt, or wither.

No weeds, fertiliser, or watering necessary! Here are some excellent design suggestions that make the most of artificial grass inside your home if that appeals to you.

  1. A green wall in your living room, in order

Your living room’s lovely green carpet mixes seamlessly with the exposed brick on either side, giving the room a perpetually tropical summer vibe. Get greenery that requires no maintenance at all and creates a positive atmosphere! Ceramic potted plants enhance the connection to the outside.

  1. Play a Round on Your Patio!

If you want to set up a mini golf course on your terrace, artificial grass is the best option. Enjoy a lush lawn that feels and looks just like the real thing as you tee off in style! This project can even be completed on a weekend by simply nailing an artificial turf sheet to the terrace floor and hammering a frame all the way around.

  1. Make the family room a verdant wonderland!

This decorator has taken things a step further with the addition of twining green climbers on the grassy wall. Any room in your house can be transformed into a realistic-looking, lush green fantasy.


  1. A Lawn for Your Children

Children like rough play and can damage themselves on conventional carpets, but fake grass is designed to soften their landing and cushion their fall. Install a resilient, soft lawn in your child’s playroom for hours of active, rough-and-tumble play. Just be prepared if the entire football team shows up at your door.

  1. Let Nature into Your Foyer!

The presence of greenery right at your front door welcomes guests and creates a nice first impression. Make a green wall the centre of attention and place floral arrangements on it for extra motivation.

  1. Green Your Balcony

By installing artificial turf as a lawn, even a small balcony can be transformed into a lush haven. The ideal place to spend weekend afternoons can be created by layering plants, adding a hammock, and adding some garden seats.

  1. Grassy Steps

In our opinion, using fake greenery to decorate is quite acceptable, especially if you lack the time or patience to take care of actual plants. Here, artificial grass-lined garden steps blend in wonderfully with the surroundings and can help prevent dangerous slips in slippery conditions by giving a secure footing.

  1. The stairwell walls

Weary of staring at a wall-less stairway? In your home, establish a green connecting space between floors by adding a vertical lawn! You can never tell the difference if you cleverly mix artificial grass with a few real houseplants.

  1. An outside garden in your bathroom.

What’s to stop us from adding some leafy greens to the bathroom because we already decorate every other room with plants? Create a vertical garden that serves as a fascinating focal point to transform your bathroom into a revitalising spa. Additionally, you can get away with absolutely no upkeep if you decide to use fake greens!

  1. Improving Your Bedroom

A platform bed surrounded by rich vegetation will let you bring the outdoors into your bedroom. Even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, you can always use artificial grass to provide the impression of a lush environment.

What Exactly Is Artificial Grass and How Is It Maintained?

Astro Turf, another name for artificial grass, was initially intended for use on golf greens. It is a weather-resistant, low-maintenance replacement for genuine grass that is made of synthetic polyester fibres.

Without the hassles of mowing, weeding, fertilising, and watering, it feels just like genuine grass. It is quite inexpensive and simple to install, costing around Rs 60 per square foot. If your lawn is put out, you can rinse it down to wash away dirt and dust and bring back its lush green appearance. When used indoors, simply brush any debris away with a brush or vacuum the area as you would a typical carpet.

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