How to Layer Your Clothes for Winter Fitness Activities

Dressing for a workout during winters can be hit or miss. It’s not as easy as throwing on a pair of gym track pants and a hoodie to go for a jog. You may think that the hoodie will keep you warm but the full-sleeve cotton t-shirt you’re wearing underneath will get wet with sweat and make you feel cold until you change your clothes. Here are some tips to keep in mind for effective layering during winter.

Physical activity means sweat. For winters, it makes sense to keep the first layer light, breathable, and moisture-wicking so that the sweat is drawn away from your body and the fabric dries quickly. Think synthetic fabrics like micromodal, polyester and polypropylene. Keep the inner layer loose, light and breathable for comfortable workouts and unrestricted movement. Look for t-shirts made from these fabrics for the best results.

After your first moisture-wicking layer, add a layer for warmth and insulation. This can be any high-performance fabric that’s designed to keep you warm like fleece or even cotton. If you can find winter sports jacket  that is light and made of wool or merino wool, that’s a great option as well. The goal is to still have a good amount of wicking capabilities but also be flexible, light and warm.

The third and outermost layer can be a fabric that blocks wind but still has great moisture management capabilities. Fabrics like nylon and gore-tex are the best fit for your outermost layer and will serve you well during long hikes or jogs at the crack of dawn. Thermal pullovers made of womens gym running jacket  can also do the job just fine.

Now when it comes to your leggings, we recommend the same rules. If you’re wearing inner leggings then the material must be flexible, durable and a good sweat wicker. You can choose options made of spandex or similar synthetic fabrics. The second layer can be your insulation layer. Sweatpants are usually the more sought after option for winter as they are flexible and keep you warm.

So when you’re sorting your wardrobe out for your winter fitness activities, the key points to keep in mind when layering are moisture management, weight, breathability and insulation. You can find the best winter activewear options at Chkokko. We have great gym wear and t-shirts for men and women. You can find all the fabric options you need to keep warm while staying active this winter.


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