How to Install an Exterior Door?

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Do you want to replace your old exterior door with a new one? Installing exterior doors in Sacramento is work that can also be done on your own without relying on professionals. All it takes is the right steps to do the proper door installation.

Here are the steps you need to follow to install an exterior door and remove the old gate:

Measure your old door 

Before you buy a new door, the first step is measuring the old one, and it is essential to ensure you have the correct size door for replacement.

Remove the old door along with the frame.

First, use a hammer to lose the hinge pins to remove the door. After that, lift the door off.

Pry the old trim loose from the door frame

Remove the old or exterior trim from the door frame after prying it loose.

Remove the jambs

Use a handsaw to cut entirely through the side jamb once you pry the frames loose and remove them.

Design a rough opening around the frame. 

Measure the distance between side jambs. Also, evaluate the width between the head jamb to the seal under the old threshold. Don’t forget to measure the width of the wall.

Ensure the sub sill and rough opening levels are almost the same.

Leveling the sub sill and rough opening is the next step. You can use a beveled board to drop these.

Buy a flashing tap to guard the sub sill.

Get a flashing tap and install it on the sub sill. The flashing tap is beneficial in guarding the sill against moisture damage and any water invasion.

Ensure everything is leveled

When things are not leveled, it can lead to tilted doors in Fresno. So, you must check if all items are dropped or not. Check your hinge side level, most importantly.

Test and install a new door

First, check the door to see if it fits properly on the rough opening. Please make sure there aren’t any issues while you check it. Once you are ensured it works, start installing the new door. You need to apply caulk up the sides of rough framing, and this step will require two tubes of caulk. 

Start putting the door into the opening.

Put the bottom of the door first into the opening. While doing this, keep the top of the door a little tilted in your direction. And then, place the door into the space. When inserting the door into the opening, stand outside the house as this works well for setting the door.

Shim the door frame

Shim at the hinge side of the door. Place shims on the top, middle, and bottom of the latch-side jamb. 

Use a hammer to drive nails into the hinge jamb. Drive nails lightly.

It would help if you took the correct measurement for the new door and opening for door installation, and mistakes can mess up the entire process.

Installing a door is not a simple procedure. To save your time and prevent common installation mistakes, hire a good door and window company in Bakersfield and enjoy a proper door installation.


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