How to Get YouTube Views

Youtube is a great platform for creators who want to increase visibility for their products or services. It has over 1 billion monthly users.

To get the views your YouTube videos deserve, you need to use some hard-hitting strategies.

Here are 11 tips to increase YouTube views.

1. To get YouTube views, upload videos regularly

Upload new videos to YouTube regularly. This will make it easier for viewers to follow your upload schedule. Your upload schedule should be published in your channel description or video.

2. Make videos about the most popular topics

To get YouTube views, create amazing videos about trending topics. Google Trends can help you find the most popular topics. Google Trends gives you additional information about the interest in the topic, including regional interest and the most popular related searches. Social media can be used to search for trending topics using hashtags.

3. Upload videos at the right moment

Upload your videos when you have the most YouTube views. Frederator Networks is a popular YouTube network that receives 120 million views each month. To determine the best upload times, they analysed uploaded videos. The following are the best times to upload videos to YouTube, according to their research.

4. Cross-promote YouTube videos to Increase YouTube Views

Cross-promote your YouTube videos via blogs, newsletters, and online magazines. Radio, TV, radio, and social media. To get Youtube views, share your YouTube videos with other properties. Cross-promote your videos to reach new viewers by using YouTube channels. Social media can spread your video like wildfire. To increase your video’s visibility online, you can post links to it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


5. Facebook’s native uploader allows you to post YouTube videos

Instead of sharing a link, upload your video directly to Facebook. BuzzSumo’s analysis shows that embedding YouTube videos receives an average of 140.75 interactions. Directly uploaded videos got 951.48 interactions. This is nearly seven times the number of shared YouTube links.

To get YouTube views, you will need to upload the source video directly to Facebook. To direct viewers to your YouTube channel, you can use call-to-action.

6. Create catchy titles for YouTube videos

Use catchy titles to draw viewers’ attention and encourage them to view your video. To ensure that your title appears in all search results, keep it to no more than 50 characters To create a stunning YouTube video title, read our article, 6 Words YouTube Titles Must Contain.

7. Make meaty YouTube descriptions

Write a detailed video description. Video descriptions are a valuable tool for SEO. Write a description rich in video keywords, and information. For more tips on how to write a great YouTube description, check out our post 4 Hacks to Write an Awesome Description.

8. Make sure your thumbnails stand out

Thumbnails can be images that are displayed alongside a YouTube video when searching for related videos. Thumbnails are a great way to get click-throughs. Optimize your thumbnail images for YouTube views.

9. Make a strong call to action

Asking viewers to subscribe, like, and share your videos is the best way to get Youtube views. To call viewers to action, you can use annotations. Annotations are interactive comments that YouTube videos provide and allow viewers to take any action while they watch the video.

10. To get YouTube views immediately, create playlists

Playlists allow you to play your videos in a sequence. This allows viewers to see more of your videos. Playlists can also be a great way for increasing watch time and improving your videos’ ranking. To maximise views, group similar videos together into one playlist.

11. Make a YouTube widget for your website and blog

YouTube users can embed a widget onto their blogs or websites. This allows creators to direct viewers to their YouTube channel. You can also add a subscribe widget so that site visitors can subscribe to your YouTube channel immediately.

12. Adopt blogger outreach strategies

A popular blog with a large following can bring significant traffic to your YouTube channel. Bloggers are always looking for new content to share with their followers. should therefore adopt effective blogger outreach strategies to get Youtube views.

13. Your subscribers can receive email updates

Every time you upload a video, send an email update to your followers. Email newsletters can be created with YouTube videos. To pique the interest of viewers, add interesting images and articles to your YouTube videos. Make your email newsletters fun and engaging to get Youtube views.

14. Comment on videos of other creators

Participate in the YouTube community. To establish your presence, comment on videos of other creators. Your goal is to be visible in as many places as possible and make viewers aware of your channel.

15. Make video responses to viral videos

Make video responses to viral videos. Your visibility will increase if you are associated with viral content. Look at YouTube’s most popular videos and make a video response to the one that you find most relevant.


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