How to Get New Car Invoice Pricing Information

First of all, what exactly is the invoice price of a new car? The invoice price is the amount that a dealer claims to have paid the manufacturer for a car and is sometimes the actual price that dealers may be willing to sell the car for (depending on market conditions). The more research that you do and obtaining the invoice price of a new car that you would like to purchase puts you at an advantage when negotiating a price for a new car.

The best way to get the invoice price is just by asking the sales manager at a dealership. Don’t worry, the invoice price is relatively easy to find out. Dealers make money in other ways, other than marking up their new car inventory, so don’t shy away from asking for the invoice price of a new car. Make sure to ask for the invoice price in writing.

Once you get the invoice price for a car you would like to purchase, you can go to and use Submit Your Price to build your new car and price bid the amount that you would like to pay. You can submit a lower dollar amount than the invoice pricing and see if that price gets accepted. Even if the price bid isn’t accepted, you can always make some changes with the price and/or the new car options and see that response. As always, if our patented algorithm doesn’t find a match, your card is never charged!


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