How to Get Multiple Quotes From Dealerships When Buying a New Car

LetYouKnow, Inc. (LetYouKnow) was created to empower new car buyers to get their own price for a new car without having to negotiate with any dealers. We recommend that you first research the MSRP of the car that you want to purchase, then you can call, text or email the internet sales manager at multiple dealerships to get price quotes. You should also ask dealers to email you the quote(s) that includes the documentation fee and all other dealer fees, so you have it in writing and there are no surprise prices. Once you have the lowest price that you can find, go to and use the Submit Your Price tool to enter your own, even lower price. You will get an instant result whether or not the price is accepted or not. If the price isn’t accepted, you can try again. We also provide some price bidding tips to help out with the process. Now, you do have to put in your credit card info when submitting your price, so make sure you are able to get financed for that amount (or can pay cash for that amount). There is a nonrefundable service and reservation fee that is included in the price that you submit. This just ensures that the dealer has that car and reserves it for you. Don’t worry, if your price isn’t accepted, your card doesn’t get charged. You then have 10 days to go to the dealership to finalize your transaction and pick up your car. So, once you walk into that dealership to finalize your purchase, there is no negotiating, the price that was accepted on LetYouKnow is the price you pay (excluding sales tax and licensing and registration fees, that you would have to pay anyway)! We want you to get your price without having to spend time and energy going back and forth with the dealer and most importantly, we want you to save money on your new car!


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