How to Configure Lotus Notes in Microsoft Outlook?

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Users may use the Lotus Notes email client as it provides users with a variety of features such as email, calendars, file sharing, reminders, and instant messaging. Many enterprises use Lotus Notes or HCL Notes, but as rising in the popularity of MS Outlook, users are now changing from the Lotus Notes environment to MS Outlook. Most users are now searching for a way to configure Lotus Notes in Microsoft Outlook.

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In this blog, we have provided sufficient knowledge about the conversion of the Lotus Notes NSF files to the Microsoft Outlook format. Also, we have given the reasons for a user why to configure the Lotus Notes NSF files to the Outlook format.

Before moving on, it is important to understand the file Lotus Notes as well as Outlook formats. Lotus Notes supports NSF files for storing the data. The extension of the NSF file is .nsf. The MS Outlook email client, on the other hand, uses the PST file format.

Therefore, in order to access Lotus Notes files in MS Outlook, you need to convert NSF files to PST format. Let us now move to our other section the reason behind the conversion task?

Why do users need to configure their Lotus Notes files into Microsoft Outlook?

There are many reasons for a user to configure their Lotus Notes NSF files to the Outlook format. Here are some of the reasons discussed:

  • The Outlook format is cost-efficient
  • Users do not require the technical support while using the Outlook
  • Using the Outlook email client, a user is able to perform any task.
  • Safety and security of the files are maintained in the Outlook
  • Users can use multiple accounts in the Outlook Email client

Thus, these reasons are responsible for a user configuring their NSF files to the Outlook format.

Now, here comes the question that “how a user can convert their NSF files” don’t worry, in our next section we will discuss the procedure of conversion.

Methods of configuration

There are two ways for a user to configure their NSF files in the MS Outlook format.

  1. Manual method
  2. Using the NSF to PST Converter Tool

In this blog, we will discuss both conversion techniques.

Manual method

The manual method of conversion is a bit complex method to be followed by any user. The steps in this method are very complex to be followed and are lengthy to follow. In this method users first have to convert their NSF files to CSV format and then the CSV format file is then converted to the Outlook format. Below are the steps provided?

Step 1: Extract NSF Files to CSV

Follow the instructions below to export NSF files from Lotus Notes.

  • Launch the IBM Lotus Notes app.
  • Select file> Open> Louts notes application in the file menu.
  • Browse the required NSF file in the Open Application box and click Open.
  • The NSF file you specified is opening.
  • See the required NSF file.
  • Select Uninstall in the file menu.
  • Enter the file name, file location, and type of storage in the Export dialog box.
  • For a file, select the Comma Separated Values ​​format.
  • Select a comma-separated value.
  • Choose the right option, from the occurred dialog box
  • From the paragraphs Export, Export Set Characters, and Details to Include, select How much to convert.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Select the required option.
  • The exported data is saved as a CSV file in a specified location.

Step 2: Import CSV File to Outlook

Following these steps will allow you to import a CSV file into Microsoft Outlook:

  • Starting Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click Import / Exit from the File menu, then Open & Export.
  • A dialog window appears with the Import and Export Wizard.
  • In the list of other options, select Import to another application or file.
  • The following should be clicked.
  • Click next after selecting Comma Separated Values ​​as the file format.
  • Select the pre-prepared CSV file path with the Lotus Notes Export command by clicking Browse and selecting the method.
  • You can choose from a variety of styles depending on your specific needs.
  • Click Next after selecting the Outlook folder where you want your sent data to be stored.
  • Select the appropriate checkboxes in the dialog box Import the file before clicking Finish.
  • You can easily change your destination or custom map fields by selecting options with the same name.
  • MS Outlook will import data from a CSV file.

These steps can be followed by a user for the conversion of their Lotus Notes NSF files to the MS Outlook format. Moreover, many issues are faced by the users while carrying out this particular method of configuring as the method is very long and users that are not in the technical background face problems. Unfortunately, this is the only manual method a user has to go for the configuring of their NSF files to the PST format.

Configure the Lotus Notes using NSF to PST Converter

The configuration of the NSF files to Outlook PST format is a reliable method a user can use. The conversion is completely reliable to follow while using the NSF File to PST Converter Software. Moreover, the steps are also simple to be followed. The steps to convert the NSF files using the Converter app are provided below;

  • Install and launch the NSF to PST Converter application in your system

download nsf to pst converter

  • Now, add the NSF files you need to convert

nsf file browse

  • Get a preview of the additional NSF files

view nsf

  • Browse how to save the converted NSF files

choose output location

  • Finally hit the “convert now”

click convert now

Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed the configuration of the NSF files in MS Outlook format. The configuration of the NSF files becomes easy while using the Converter app.

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