How To Clean A Cricut Mat | 3 Easy Methods

One of the most common questions most Cricut mat users come across is How To Clean A Cricut Mat ? When your mat starts losing its flair, don’t fret or throw away your old dirty cutting mats. In this post, I’ll let you know how to refresh/clean your old mats with a little cleaning. These tips and tricks will clean the Cricut cutting mats and make them sticky again. Moreover, it will prolong the life of your mat as well.

How Often Should You Clean Your Cricut Mat?

Most of the Cricut mats need cleaning after 2-4 cuts. It also depends on the types of materials you use. Those who craft with the Cricut mats daily need to clean the mats more than those who craft once a week. However, it is recommended to clean the whenever you find that the materials don’t stick as well as they used to.


  • If you use materials that leave a lot of debris, such as felt, denim, or leather, you need to clean the mat more often.
  • But if you stick to smooth materials such as vinyl and cardstock, you can go well with fewer cleanings.


Below we have listed common items you can use to clean a Cricut Mat. They are easy to find, or you can find them at your home. Please note the use of these supplies depends on the cleaning methods you choose to clean your mats.


  • Plastic Cricut scraper tool
  • Lint roller
  • Alcohol-free baby wipes
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Dish brush
  • LA’s Awesome cleaning spray



3 Correct Ways of Cleaning a Cricut Mat


Below we’ll discuss different cleaning methods for different types of mats. These are light duty” methods, “medium-duty” methods and “heavy-duty methods.” One thing to note is that these cleaning methods will work for the blue LightGrip mat, the Green StandardGrip mat, and the purple StrongGrip mat, except for the pink FabricGrip mat. Pink FabricGrip mat has a special type of adhesive; therefore, different cleaning methods are required.

Method 1: Light-Duty Cleaning Methods

Use this method after every project to maintain your Cricut mat.


  1. A scraper tool can be used to scrape off large pieces of leftover material or debris. This tool works well in dislodging any small pieces of excess material, like any hair or fuzz.
  2. A Lint roller can be used to pick up small paper pieces or fuzzies.
  3. Use baby wipes to clean up spills and messes.


And then, let the mat air dry.

Method 2: Medium-duty Cleaning Methods

If none of the above light-duty methods work, try another one. Clean the mat with soap and water. Here is how.


  1. First, use the scraper to remove excess material from the mat. 
  2. Then lay the mat on a flat waterproof surface and use a clean dishcloth or a soft dish brush; gently scrub the mat’s surface in a circular with soap and warm water.
  3. Ensure the mat is completely dry before using it.

Method 3: Heavy-duty Cleaning Methods

If you find your mat very sticky or greasy, use stronger cleaning methods. One of the most common cleaning sprays people use to clean their Cricut mats is LA’s Awesome spray.

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Follow these steps to clean your mats using a cleaning spray.


  1. First of all, spray the mat with cleaning spray.
  2. Now, let the mat sit for 5-10 minutes. Then use a squeegee or scraper tool to scrape the residue off the mat’s surface. Utilize light pressure that doesn’t damage the mat.
  3. Finally, rinse the mat with warm water and allow it to dry.


Cleaning the Pink Cricut Fabric Mat


This mat is delicate, and thus it is suggested not to scratch it. If it’s a must, use the tweezer tool to remove larger pieces of leftover material on the mat.


Easy Steps on How to Make a Cricut Mat Sticky Again


By cleaning your mats thoroughly, you can make them sticky again. But sometimes, it can’t work. At that time, try other ways of resticking your Cricut Mat.


Some Basic Steps to restick a Cricut Mat


  • First of all, clean the mat. Make sure dirt, debris, or other leftover materials have been removed with the scraper tool. Also, use soap, baby wipes, and water to clean the mat.
  • Once you’re done with the step1, tape off the edge and prepare your mat for applying the new adhesive, you can use masking tape or blue painter’s tape to protect its outer border. Finally, apply the new adhesive.
  • Last, let the adhesive dry for 10-15 minutes.


Important Tip: Please note resticking your Cricut mats may void the Cricut machine’s warranty. When you add glue to your mat, there can be the risk of jamming up the machine with excess adhesive. Hence, we suggest you proceed with caution.


Hope the above post on How To Clean A Cricut Mat proved worthwhile for you. However, cleaning and resticking Cricut mats is a vital process, and the answer to how often you should clean or restick depends on how frequently you use your machine and what you are cutting.


What Supplies are Needed to Clean Cricket Mats?


The purpose of cleaning is to make the mat sticky again. Here are some of the supplies you can utilize:


  • If light cleaning is needed, Alcohol-free baby wipes can be used.
  • And in the case of medium cleaning, use gentle dishwashing detergent, and for the final stage, when heavy cleaning is required, use LA Awesome Cleaner Spray.


Besides, you can also use Cricut plastic scraper tool, tweezers, or lint rollers, depending on the mat type. And paper towels for drying.


What are the Types of Cricut Mats?


There are four types of Cricut mats.


  • Fabric Grip Machine Mat (PINK)
  • Light Grip Machine Mat (BLUE)
  • Standard Grip Machine Mat (GREEN)
  • Strong Grip Machine Mat (PURPLE)


These mats are color-coded, so you can easily determine which is the best for your job.

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