How to check a used iPhone. 15 mandatory parameters

How to check a used iPhone. 15 mandatory parameters
Purchasing an iPhone on the secondary market is a good way to save money. If you take your time and choose your iPhone wisely, you can minimize the risks.

Now we will not talk about the choice of model, price and seller, you can do it yourself. Let’s just tell you how to check the iPhone, if you have already met him to buy.

It could be a seller from a bulletin board, or a good friend who decided to sell an old device. Surprises in a second-hand iPhone can be a lot.

  1. Accurately identify the model of the gadget you are buying.

Often on the secondary market scammers under the guise of a newer model of iPhone are trying to sell an older version of the gadget. This is possible due to the identical appearance of some generations of smartphones.

Deception can also occur with other models, check the gadget as follows:

▪️ find the model name in the path Settings – Basic – About this device (the way is not 100%, with a jailbreak you can replace the information)

▪️ on iPhone 8 and newer devices the model number is printed in the slot for the SIM card tray, older devices are marked on the back cover (this method is also not 100% reliable, the smartphone might have a non-original case)

▪️ model number is on the box of the smartphone (again, the box can be from another gadget)

Of course, all model numbers found must match. Here are detailed instructions on how to determine the model of your iPhone.

If the iPhone in front of you is not the one you expected, feel free to refuse the deal and look for another more honest seller.

2. Compare all serial numbers and IMEI.

Let’s continue to compare numbers, but this time we are interested in the serial number and IMEI code.

▪️ Find the numbers under Settings – Basic – About this device

▪️ check these against the numbers on the iPhone box

▪️ IMEI can be checked by typing *#06# in the Phone app.

▪ If you have a computer with iTunes, also check the serial number and IMEI there.

We check the serial number at the Apple website.

There are a lot of so called “frankensteins” in the secondary market, when the stuffing of one gadget is packed into a case from another and put into a box from the third.

This kind of check helps to be safe.

3. Check the tethering (lock) to the service provider

When buying an Asian, European or American smartphone, there is a risk of getting a tethered to the operator gadget. Usually such devices are sold with prepaid contracts and do not allow the use of SIM cards of other operators.

Most often, the smartphone can be untethered from the operator after communicating with support services or using a special “pad” under the sim card to bypass the blocking.

On the subject: how to find out what country the iPhone came from.

In any case, it is certain difficulties and risks, because some operators will not unlock the smartphone until the expiration of the contract or will require documents that may not be in hand.

To verify it is enough to install your SIM card in your smartphone and make a call to a friend. So in addition to tying to the operator will check the quality of communication and GSM-modem performance.

4. untie iPhone from Aicloud

The last important check is to unbind the device from iCloud. The smartphone should not be tied to any Apple ID account before the sale. Only in this way will the new user have full access to the gadget, be able to link it to their account and not get a locked “brick”.

If you go to Settings, the very top item with the account used should be empty. Ideally, you should log into your account via your SIM card on your mobile network or by giving out Wi-Fi from your other gadget. That way, make sure that your iPhone is disconnected from other accounts.

Some sellers, fearing a common scam scheme, disconnect the iPhone from iCloud just before payment.

If that is the case, do not forget to disconnect it before paying for the gadget.

The above described manipulations will not take more than 5 minutes, but will allow you to reject problematic iPhones and unscrupulous sellers immediately.

5. Check the water detector

If you bought an iPhone without problems passed the previous checks, do not relax and look for further flaws.

All iPhones starting from the first model are equipped with a liquid penetration marker. On current devices (starting with iPhone 5) it is located in the slot for the SIM card tray. It is enough to remove the tray and shine a flashlight inside.

The silver or white color of the marker means that the smartphone did not leak liquid inside the case. The red indicator will immediately give out a drowned person.

6. Carefully inspect the screws for dents

The underside of the gadget will help determine whether the device has been opened before. The iPhone screen should be attached to the frame with a pair of 5g

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