How should I wash and iron a taffeta dress?

According to the wash and iron service in London instructions, some taffeta items can be machine washed. Here Wash, fold and iron service suggest some ironing tips:

  • Set the machine to “gentle,” use the shortest wash cycle, and keep your items safe in a mesh bag. If your home has hard water, add a teaspoon of borax to the water when hand-washing taffeta.
  • While the silk taffeta is still damp, iron it on a low setting. When ironing synthetics, use the “nylon” option on your iron or a steamer while they are still damp. In any case, consider removing textiles with intended crinklings, such as crushed or pinch wheel taffeta.

If you do not know how to care, you need to hire a laundry service for a good result. The experts know how to wash and care for particular clothes.

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