How Much Does It Cost To Install Air Conditioning

How Much Does It Cost To Install Air Conditioning

Gone are the days when an air conditioning system was the luxury addition to homes. In today’s times, it is hard to imagine living in a house without an air conditioner. Moreover, Sacramento’s people are very well aware that beating the heat is nearly impossible when you don’t have an air conditioner at your home. When you’re looking to add an AC unit to your home, costs are an important factor to consider because air conditioner installation and, or cooling/heating repair in Sacramento can cost you a significant amount of money. But, it is a worthy investment that al all homeowners do.

If you want to add an AC or replace an older ac unit in your home, this blog will give insights into what you can expect to pay.

Various factors like the type of unit, the size of the air conditioner you need, the complexity of the installation will influence the cost of AC installation.

Let’s look at all those factors one by one that determines the ac installation costs:

Home efficiency

Home with poor insulation and which are exposed to excessive sunlight will need to have a better ac system that can keep their home comfortable and cool. Consequently, a better system could mean more costs. You can consult a licensed company providing air conditioning services, repair services, and water heater repair in Sacramento to determine which system is best for you.

Type of air conditioning system

The type you choose is another factor that influences the cost of ac installation. Ductless AC systems, split air conditioners, and portable ACs are the three main types of air conditioning units available in the market. If you want to install a ducted air conditioner, the cost of installation will be more than split and ductless ac systems. In case, you don’t have a ductwork system in your house, the cost will also add to it.

The size of your home

You will need to select the capacity of your air conditioner depending on the size of your home. So, the more space you have, the larger size you will need. The size will also vary depending on how high your ceiling is. An AC system needs to work to provide cooling according to the space it needs to fill in.

How much energy-efficient your air conditioning system is

When buying and installing a new AC unit, you must consider the level of energy efficiency it provides. If you want an air conditioner of higher energy efficiency, you will pay more to the seller.

However, this investment will benefit you by reducing your heating and cooling bills. So, a better energy-efficiency AC system is a win-win for you.

Replacing an older unit or a brand new installation

Replacing an older unit and installing a new one won’t cost you as much as it will for a brand new installation. An AC installation for the first time is costlier than upgrading your ac system from an air conditioning service in Sacramento because a brand new AC installation will involve more work.

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