How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Video Chat App Like Houseparty

develop a video chat app like Houseparty

Video calling apps are serving millions of people worldwide. They enable seamless interaction among users without having to step a foot outside the door.

The growing number of smartphone users has dramatically increased the demand for such apps in the market. These include apps like Houseparty that provide a host of features for users to get the best experience.

If you want to develop a video chat app like Houseparty, you must first understand what makes it popular. Learn more about the app and its features, so you know what to focus on as you build your app.

This blog explains the crucial features that go into the making of a video chat app like Houseparty.

What Is Houseparty?

A social networking app called Houseparty enables up to eight people to video chat in a room simultaneously. Aside from the video calling facility, app developers can offer many other features that users enjoy in such apps. Users can have endless rooms and easily transition between them.

The Houseparty app allows users to host virtual events seamlessly, and they can invite friends to participate as well. In addition to that, users can also play games online with friends without having to download them.

Top Features In An App Like Houseparty

Here are the key features you need to take into account when considering a video chat app idea like Houseparty.

Registration And Login

Users prefer apps with simple onboarding features. The quicker they can sign up, log in, and start using the app, the better it is for you. Most app developers recommend that you offer both ways to register in your app:

  • Registration using email, name, phone number, etc.
  • Registration/Login using Google or social media apps

Friend Search

Users must be able to locate their fellow users quickly and conveniently. For instance, they can look for them through different means, such as the contact lists on their phones and social media accounts.

Personalized Animations

Filters and animations will make your app much more exciting and engaging. They provide users with the freedom to express themselves as creatively as they can. Such trending features are necessary if you want users to get hooked to your application.

Audio/Video Calls And Chats

Despite its name, a video chat application requires multiple communication channels, including text messaging and audio calling. 


Users should be able to pinpoint their location using the GPS functionality integrated into the app. The location detection feature is almost instantaneous and should allow users to find their friends on the map.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are essential as they remind users to check the app often. Hence, they are imperative to maintain engagement rates.

Screen Sharing

Users will want to share their screens when they video call each other. It will enable them to play games, watch media, and attend events together.

To Conclude: How Much Would It Cost?

Building a video-chat application for a single platform with a minimum set of features would cost $30000-$40000.

However, with advanced features and complex UI/UX, the cost to develop a video chat app like Houseparty would be between $50000-$70000.

Additionally, you need an app development company that offers cost-effective and flexible tools and techniques. They can leverage all of these to not only give your business operations a boost but also outgrow your competition.

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