High-Speed Doors for Industrial Applications

High speed doors are the most favored solution for many industrial applications. They are used in a variety of industries like chemical sectors, pharmaceuticals, milling industries, food production, logistics and transport, car washes etc.  Getting your business high speed doors will give you control over dust, climate and work areas.

High speed doors are the faster versions of conventions doors like roller doors, roller shutter, sectional doors etc. They are designed in such a way that it ensures the longevity of the parts, efficient energy consumption and reliable high usage. The design of the high speed doors typically integrates with the traffic movements within the organization like forklifts, vehicles, pedestrians etc. High speed doors open very fast and close slowly. They are also designed with the weight mechanisms in the side frame for opening faster and smoother.

High speed doors excel in high demanding conditions and during intense operations. They can improve the safety and efficiency in different industrial applications. There are several industrial applications of high speed doors like dust control, hygiene and temperature control, security, traffic control etc. High speed doors have sliding, folding, and rolling characteristics.

Bin Dasmal doors is a market leader in the supply of high speed doors in UAE. The Company is focused on providing storage solutions and quality engineered doors in the GCC region. The Company represent many globally recognized brands and provides professional services at competitive prices.


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