Heavy duty racks Vs Medium duty racks

A storage rack, also known as racking, is a structure used to store goods and materials that consists of at least two upright frames, horizontal beams, and some form of deckings like panels, meshes, or bars. Storage racks are an important component of material handling because they allow you to maximize the height space available in your storage space while preventing load crushing due to stacking. There are many different types of shelves. Typically, these shelves are classified into light shelves, medium-sized shelves, and heavy-duty shelves based on their load capacity. Aside from load capacity, the three shelves differ in installation method, material used, and specifications

Medium shelf assembly and disassembly is also very easy, as it uses a column and a hook, is a plug combination, is height adjustable, is widely used, and has a high level of safety. Heavy shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a wide range of categories, but shelf installation is more stringent, with the need to ensure shelf safety while in use. Manufacturers use racks for mass storage of mostly non-perishable products when storage space is limited. They have typically stacked no more than three layers high before becoming unsafe and prone to collapse.

Here is the difference between heavy-duty racks and medium-duty racks :

  1. Heavy Duty Rack: It is also known as Pallet Racking, a sturdy structure designed for the storage of palletized goods and heavy goods. These items frequently necessitate the use of material handling equipment such as a reach truck or forklift to be lifted. The main benefit of heavy-duty racks is that they are ideal for saving more space. Large load capacity, many types, and specifications, to meet the production and storage needs of various customers, the use of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet by molding. They are building a system that will allow all businesses to use vertical space for storage, regardless of floor space
  2. Medium Duty Rack: It is also intended for hand-loaded storage rather than using machineries such as a reach truck or forklift. It is ideal for manually storing small to medium-sized products. Medium Duty Storage Rack product is versatile because it can be adapted to any type of unit load; selective because it allows instant access to all stored unit loads. Medium-sized shelves are generally divided into type-B and type-A shelves, which is the most commonly used shelf, usually composed of the mainframe and sub-frame, sub-frame can be more than one combination to save costs and increase load capacity. They have a distinct shape, a reasonable structure, and are simple to assemble and disassemble.

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