Hacked or Not?

So, I am seeing folks posting about accounts being hacked like Twitter or Facebook but not SPN.

The larger the attack surface, the greater the chance of being attacked.

I used to have multiple social media accounts but found they really didn’t serve me in the greater scheme of things.

I shut every one of them down and even hibernated LI for a time.

I regrouped, thought about why am I really on social media? Business only. I don’t need a date___I’m married….I don’t need a dog____have one….I don’t need to elevate family____we are pretty private.

So what do I need? What I already have on LinkedIn and SPN.

Is my life more simple? Yes
Do I feel more secure? Yes
Do I have fewer passwords? Yes
Is my life better for it? Yes
Am I advocating no SM outside LI? No, personal choice

Folks that either read my posts (ha ha, a handful) or know me personally, are aware I am a combative martial artist.

In combative martial arts, we are taught to present a smaller target to the opponent. How? Turning sideways for one as that protects from frontal assault against your chest, groin, throat, and so on.

In the world of hackers, I also want to present a smaller target hence my social media profile or digital footprint is smaller than many others. My choice___my body___my peace of mind. Your mileage will differ and that is great. If you love to tweet, be a bird. If you love to show the world where your family will be Saturday night, be a book.

Me, I choose to be a comma or a period in life. 

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