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A smart businessperson knows your best salesperson should never be working for their business. That is because your best sales pitch will always come from past customers.

You don’t have to be a working with SEO companies or social selling experts  to understand the power of positive feedback. However, any real SEO, marketing, or sales expert will tell you that reviews make all the difference.

Customers are getting smarter, and more tired of traditional marketing, than ever before. As a business owner or marketer, you have to keep up with demand. Now, customers and hiring managers worldwide are demanding to know what other people have to say first.

In today’s word, people trust word of mouth and real customer feedback more than anything else. This is where I can drop a bunch of links to further prove this point, but you already know. That is because you’re probably in the 90% of people that check reviews before making a purchase.

Today, you know that you need word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials from past customers and colleagues to earn new business. 

Why should I care about getting business reviews or testimonials?

Online reviews play a big role in how people judge businesses nowadays. More and more customers are looking up online business reviews before making buying decisions everyday.

The chances of a customer coming to your physical location or scheduling an appointment with you or your business go down, if you don’t have plenty of positive testimonials and business reviews online. Professional testimonials are also starting to affect hiring decisions more and more too.

Are Online Business Reviews Helpful?

Online business reviews are helpful in a couple of different ways. The reviews share the customer’s experience with the business. Business reviews also point people to the physical location information and other links, which help with offsite SEO and direct traffic equally. 

People search before buying or hiring

Whenever you do a hard search on a person or business, the biggest review and professional networking sites tend to show up first. Hiring managers and customers are both going to see what major review sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook , Tripadvisor , and SPN have to say; before making their decisions.

SPN reviews and testimonials will probably show up if potential customers search for your business online. The SPN reviews and testimonials also tie directly to social media profiles. That means people can see who is leaving the feedback, which can help sway buying decisions.

Therefore, it makes sense to ask some of your customers and/or professional colleagues to leave you a review or testimonial here. 

Do hiring managers consider online testimonials?

Hiring managers and HR advisors use testimonials  to boost positive recruitment worldwide.

Now, hiring managers everywhere are searching for testimonials before they hire anyone. Good help is hard to find and hiring the wrong people costs money. Therefore, people going to do whatever they can to avoid hiring mistakes.

Positive testimonials and online business reviews can definitely help you earn a sale or next role. Why wouldn’t you do everything you can to help your own cause?

Create an account and ask your customers or professional colleagues to leave you some feedback here and everywhere they’re willing to help.

How else does professional testimonials help?

The growth and popularity of social media , and the internet in general, creates many new ways for businesses and people to connect on a more significant level. 

When other professionals are leaving your testimonials, a few things are happening people may not think about.

Here are some positive things that happen when you get professional testimonials:

  1. You give strangers an idea of your brand and online reputation.
  2. Reviews on social media sites like SPN provide social proof, because SPN profile can link to every other social media platform.
  3. People are more likely to do business with you due to an increase in credibility.
  4. They boost online visibility in a big way. Testimonials and online business reviews rank well in most search engines, including Google.  
  5. Customer and past employer (or coworker) feedback greatly influence buying and hiring decisions. 
  6. You or anyone else can share or embed online business reviews and testimonials anywhere. People share their SPN reviews and testimonials all the time.

Take a look at Michael Ashabraner’s profile for example of the testimonials look and function on SPN.

Connect with Mike!

You will see that Becky Wolfe with Becky Wolfe Coaching and Damon Pistulka with Exit Your Way left him positive testimonials. Click around their profile to see how it helps them all connect and market their businesses. You can build your web and build a lot of social currency with other professionals by simply sharing your experiences with their products or services online.

Can SPN business listings and reviews really help my business?

My brother, Patrick O’Connor owns 2nd Chance Water Restoration , so I’m using his business as my example here. I’m also using it so you can see all you can do with your own business listing.

It is OK to use your SPN local business listings to advertise your business however you see fit. You can also do a lot with your business listing. Share videos, photos, and links as you wish right on your profile.

You can also grab embed code off your business listing to share it in other places. There are many SEO and lead generation benefits that come with embedding your SPN listing on other sites.

You should also Google 2nd Chance Water Restoration so you can see their reviews as well as where SPN shows up. Google search any business on SPN and you should see us at the top somewhere. That is because we have a great domain authority and it only gets better with each new member.

There is strength in numbers and positive reviews. Thank you for reading, we hope you join us, and have a great day!

Chicago Water & Fire Restoration Services

Summing up the benefits of online business reviews on SPN

Our online business reviews provide a lot of value because they help visibility and branding. Get your business out there in front of people in a positive light. Submit your listing now and grow with us. You will be glad that you did.

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