Learn How To Grow With Better Change Management Skills

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  • Love your article, Andy!!👌

    I’ve been through many changes in my life. Some were pleasent, another ones quite difficult.
    I’ll only mention one at this point.

    I started my career in sales and business development. I love people and that seemed like a perfect job for me. I really enjoyed my work, but my inner voice was calling me to another direction –> digital marketing.

    I had my university degree in marketing, but I didn’t have any working experience in that field. At that point I had a good job and working environment, great client relationships, industry reputation and a good salary. Sounds perfect? Not for me. Deep in myself I wasn’t really happy.

    People told me I was crazy, when I left. Why to leave everything I built so hard to start something new? From the scratch. ”Nobady will give you opportunity without experience”, they said.

    I didn’t listen. I never listen, when I feel it with my heart.

    I found the opportunity. I followed my inner voice and my passion. Today I’m building marketing campaigns for one of our biggest clients. And I’m happy.

    No regrets, when you follow your heart and your passions.

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