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  • Stretching is a very important part of physical fitness. It helps prevent injuries, increases strength, and overall helps you move and feel better. These are four stretches I recommend doing every single day.

    I recommend holding stretches for at least 20 seconds but you can hold them for as long as you like!

    Stretch 1: Calf stretch- Place your hands against the wall and extend one leg back far enough to where when you drive your heel towards the floor it can hardly touch.. this will give you the best stretch.

    Stretch 2: Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch: Have one leg at 90 degrees and the other leg extended behind you. The leg that is behind you drive your hip foward to stretch out the hips and quads.

    Stretch 3: Groin/hamstring stretch- Go into a split stance as far as you can feel comfortable. Push your hips back and fold your upper body towards the floor.

    Stretch 4: 90-90 stretch: This stretch will help with the lower back and glutes. Place 1 leg behind you and 1 in front of you at 90 degrees. Keep your back nice and tall and lean forward then switch sides.

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  • A common issue people experience with doing lunges is knee pain. Fixing knee pain in this exercise luckily is easy to do. Here are some pointers.

    1) Make sure your shin is vertical- If your shin angle is too severe it puts a lot of pressure on your knee cap.

    2) Make sure your knee is in line with your foot- If your knee goes to the inside or outside of your foot this can cause pain because you have pressure on the joint.

    3) Only go down as deep as you can without forcing it- If mobility is an issue you don’t want to force it and risk getting injuried. Keep stretching and practicing and before you know it you’ll have a full depth lunge down!

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  • Thank you for the invitation!!! I am someone who is going to be 60 and recovering from burnout. so I try to go biking and stretch..do some more every day. lasst year i lost 30 lbs and now I guess over the winter I gained 8lbs again…which is not too much to handle….as soon as the sun is out and it gets warmer I do my hour bike to my favorite spot by the Danube river and it will help me get out of that low..
    I have changed my diet, not eating carbs and sugar (for one year now) thats a major change for me from my past. I find it great because I don’t have those craves any more. I eat about every 4 hours and drink a lot of tub water, coffee, tea, cocoa. All in all I try to watch my health more than ever. My biggest weakness are monkey nuts.
    I dont go to a fitness club because I like to be alone on my own floor…when doing my exercise. Soon I can go on a rehab and there I will use the fitness studio as much as possible. It will surely help my muscular build up…
    Thank you for all you provide here!!! Bless you so much!!

  • How to do the Lat Pulldown

    The lat pulldown is an exercise that you see done wrong all the time. From ego lifters loading the weight up just swinging it down to people just pulling with their biceps instead of their back. Watch this video a few times and next time you go to the gym you will be ahead of 90% of the people in there!

    1) Grip the bar slightly wider than shoulder width apart( approx 4-6 inches ). Another easy way is to grab it just past when the bar starts to bend on both sides.

    2) Straighten your legs out in front of you and lean slightly back. This is going to isolate your back rather than using your legs to assist you in the movement. Leaning slightly back is also going to allow you to squeeze your back tighter.

    3) Pull the bar down towards your upper chest. Here is the KEY PART! Pull it by squeezing your shoulder blades back and keeping your elbows tucked as you come down. Think of this like an X. You are taking your right elbow and driving it towards the left and the left elbow towards the right. This will help you really get that squeeze in your back that builds up the muscle tone you are looking for.

    4) Pause for a second in the contracted part of the movement and let it back up in a controlled manner.

    That’s pretty much all there is to it! Keep practicing and really make a focus to pull with your back and not your biceps by consistantly thinking about squeezing your shoulder blades together. Don’t be afraid to start light and do higher repetitions in the 15-20 rep range until you get your form down.

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  • Hey everybody! Today’s blog post is going to be about how to properly benchpress.

    The Benchpress

    Why: This exercise is one of the best upper body exercises. You should perform this movement because it works out your shoulders, chest, and triceps all at once. Working all of these muscles out together is very functional and teaches your body how to work in unison.

    How: This move is fairly simple but you can get injuried if you aren’t using proper form. Take these steps to get the best results.

    1) Lay down with eyes directly under the bar.
    2) Keep a slight arch in your back by pushing through your feet and squeezing your shoulder blades back and down. Keep your butt on the bench though. This will give you the most stability and protect your shoulders.
    3) Take a deep breath and unload the bar.
    4) Keep your elbows tucked towards your sides and bring the bar slowly towards your lower chest.
    5) Drive on the way up breathing out as you exert the bar back up.
    6) Squeeze your chest at the top and repeat.

    I recommend doing this movement at least 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions on your chest day.

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