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  • Facebook & Instagram 2019 Predictions — what should marketers focus on?

    Social Media 2019 Trends will see “ Facebook & Instagram Stories as the main key player and every business and brands must focus it to drive successful campaigns and build strong bonding with its users.

    If you still have no idea like what should be your focus for 2019 social media marketing and how much you or your business think for investment, then do go through my report that I have tried to include all possible important section one must focus.
    Read the article here : https://www.manojblogszone.com/facebook-instagram-2019-predictions-is-out-story-telling-video-engagement-and-influencer-marketing-will-be-important-area-to-focus/

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    • I keep all my digital marketing tools in one place here – https://aimviva.fyi.to/aimviva-digital-marketing-tools
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    • The way I approach digital marketing is through an umbrella approach. My “Discover” Community Network creates area based umbrellas, The DCN sites creates niche umbrellas, and the DCN Internet Radio Network creates what I call a universal umbrella (Music, Talk Radio) This way content can be shared if it is relevant to the area or niche.

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