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  • Normally I would not post something like this….but I feel the need to convey the obvious. Your website is your brochure, it is best to assume that the visitor (like me) who would like to learn about you and what you do and if it will help my network to know about you and what you are about. That being said….

    Rule #1
    Make sure you have contact information on your website.
    Rule #2
    Make sure you have recently updated social media accounts (If it is me, that is the FIRST thing I look for, it tells me if you are still in business)
    Rule #3
    Check Spelling, and Grammar on EVERYTHING – this could be rule #2
    Rule #4
    When you post on Social Media, make it shareable – although it might not ever get shared, assume it will. Make sure all post have an image or video, link it back to your website, even if the post is not yours, put a link to your website anyway, unless you want to give yahoo, google, medium, or forbes your traffic.
    Rule #5
    Post Regularly!! Google Reads Facebook and Twitter for SEO
    Check website on EVERY device, from the $10.00 phone to your kids gaming desktop computer. Ask friends to check it for you, slow connections, fast connections, PS4 xBox1 everything and get feedback – fix what you can.
    Rule #7
    If this is too much for you to handle, buy me dinner (just to let you know, I am Fat) and I will do it for you. :-)

    Below is a video I did for Cabrito in BC

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