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  • Introducing Three Ring Circus…

    For the last 5 or so months, @Rachel Waters @Dean Lavenson and myself have been working on our new concept and partnership @Three Ring Circus…

    And we finally have our logo and what our focus is to share!!!!!

    Three Ring Circus was formed by three partners who are focused on helping brands with their social strategy, social awareness, social engagement, brand building and community building along with telling the brand story through high quality animation, photography and concepts that create new followers, strengthens relationships and builds brand loyalty.

    Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary and stand out from your competition?

    We focus on three pillars 1) Branded content 2) Promotional content 3) Fun & engaging content

    We bring over 60+ years experience with marketing, digital, social, photography and branding to the table.

  • B2The7 business cards from Vistaprint

    Some days it is the little things that are exciting – Today, it was getting my new business cards from Vistaprint

    Who is B2The7 👉 Digital + marketing + social = Results

    I work with brands on increasing sales, transactions and comps with a focus on retail, restaurant, QSR, coffee shops and other service brands.

    My foundations is to Reach, Retain & Regain customers with Omni-Channel strategies and tactics.

    You want one of these cards? Let’s meet and talk!

    🎯 Learn more about how B2The7 can help your brand 👇👇👇

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  • Restaurant Owners…and every service brand.

    The key to increased sales and transactions is to get’em in the door and coming back for more.

    But how do you do that? I have a foundation that centers around the 3 R’s along with 20 years of running data-driven marketing programs as Papa John’s.

    Customer data is so actionable for getting them coming back for more.

    I’m not going to have you download a white-paper or document to learn more, but I’m going to give you my number.

    Let’s talk about how I can help your restaurant and brand – Call me (Phone # in the comments – if you are serious about your sales and transactions).

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    Why work with Bernie Fussenegger and B2The7?

    I help brands reach, retain and regain their customers with Omni-Channel, Data-Driven Marketing Strategies to keep people coming back to your brand = increased sales, transactions & comps.

    If this interest you follow Bernie Fussenegger

    • Why work with Bernie Fussenegger and B2The7?

      B2The7 – Digital + Marketing + Social = Results

      I help brands Reach, Retain & Regain customers with Omni-Channel data-driven strategies and tactics that focus on increasing sales, transactions, comps and customer engagement.

      Main focus on retail, restaurant, QSR, coffee shops and other service brands.

      These are categories in which they have customer data from loyalty programs, creation of accounts or online ordering and have the ability to get customer data.

      Let’s put that data to use!

      Visit me at https://b2the7.com/
      Call me at 502-558-0218

  • Helping Brands Make More Bread 🍞

    I focus on Restaurants & QSR Brands…

    Why Restaurants/QSR? I have 20 years of experience running successful data-driven marketing programs at Papa John’s that drove engagement, sales, transactions and increased comps.

    Types of brands I love working with…

    1️⃣ Brands that don’t have customer data and want to learn how to get and use that data

    2️⃣ Brands that have data but don’t know what to do with it

    3️⃣ Brand that have data but don’t have the right programs running

    If you want to tap into that 20 years of marketing and digital experience to REACH, RETAIN and REGAIN customer to increase sales, transactions and comps – we need to talk 🗣

    I use proven strategies and programs to help your brand stand apart.

    Let’s get away from the one message for all and begin using more personalized targeted content and messages that is relevant to your customers and triggered by data.

    You want new people coming in the doors and repeat visits…we can do that!

    A quick call can get you going!

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  • The Raven Irish Pub & Restaurant

    The Raven (located in St. Matthews, Kentucky) offers an authentic, Irish cultural experience. Artwork features characters from legend and mythology. Classic stories, poems and novels fill the shelves in our library space, the perfect area to grab a quiet drink.

    Proud to bring imported Irish products into our kitchen and into your homes, from our shop.

    🎯 If in Louisville, come check out The Raven!

  • Hi Guys we have revamped and updated the content on our bridging loans webpage, We now offer bridging loans from 0.33% please check the page bridging loans

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    Chase N Wraps offers vehicle wraps and graphics. Established in 2005 we can design, print and install all types of vinyl graphics.

  • Ben Reynolds posted an update in the group Business Share 1 year, 12 months ago

    At The Sourcing Department – we work with retailers and wholesalers providing awesome products at great prices. During our travels, we bring back items we think you want and put them on our web page for the consumers to buy at great prices. Check us out at: http://www.TheSourcingDepartment.com

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    Hi everyone my name is Ryan and I want to tell you and show you the health benefits that CBD oils and what it can do for you if you like to learn more click the link http://bit.ly/2lBEKoD
    you will not be disappointed come see the 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews people like yourself who tried it to see what the big deal is and it changed their life I know it will change your life also.

    And another thing if you follow me I will follow you back. 😁 because I would like to know you and see what you\’re all about. thanks until next time…

      • This group is more appropriate and actually meant for these types of posts than the other groups. Please use the groups for what they are meant for. I don’t mind you sharing your CBD stuff at all, but please use the groups and site as it’s intended.
      • Hi @adielk,

        I don\’t own a business, but I\’m happy to help you with sharing your content. :)

        Have a great weekend!☀️

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        Please post your stuff to follow like or share thats what this is about

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