Get Well Soon Cards

Get Well Soon Cards

How to say get well soon in a funny way

When someone is sick, we all want them to get well as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the length of their recovery can depend on what is wrong with them and the severity. Getting well after a few days of time off from work is a little easier than being at death’s door or recovering from an extended stay in the hospital. In this list, I have gathered over different ways to say “get well soon” that are sentimental and comical that can easily go with funny get well soon cards. I hope you find one or two that you like. If any of you have some funny ones of your own, let me know!

1) Get well soon. I hate to ask, but do you want anything while I’m out?

2) Get well soon! If I had the flu, would you kiss me too? Just kidding. But please do get well soon.

3) Get well soon! The doctor said that we should see some improvement in your attitude in no time! You’re so tough.

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