Fun Activities to Enjoy in Midland, Texas

If you are planning to visit Midland, Texas then this article will surely guide you towards the fun activities that can be enjoyed in Midland, Texas. As it is popularly known as the Energy Capital of the World, Midland, Texas offers an interesting mix of history and modern development along with several natural resources. From its soothing atmosphere to its breathtaking views, there are lots of fun activities that can be enjoyed in Midland, Texas at any time of the year.Most Affordable Flights Ticket to Texas,

Helicopter Rides

Experience flying like never before during your visit to Midland. See a unique perspective of everything around you and understand why pilots love what they do! With little training, you can board a chopper for an adventure you’ll never forget. A professional instructor will be on-hand throughout your flight to ensure your safety and success. This is one of the most exciting activities available from HeliUSA. Contact us today for more information about these tours!

Day Trips to Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Day Trips to Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Palo Duro Canyon State Park is a geological wonder on par with great national parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite. It’s home to some of Texas’ most spectacular red rock formations—and has enough hiking trails to occupy an entire summer. Palo Duro offers something for everybody: mountain biking, camping, fishing and nature watching. For a more relaxing experience, consider enjoying evening campfires at one of our canyon campsites; then wake up early for a hike before getting started on your other sightseeing plans.

Parachute Jumping Section: Hiking Mt. Locke Trail

This hike takes about 2 hours up and about 1 hour down. The top of Mt. Locke has a fantastic view of West Texas as well as New Mexico. The view is one of my favorite views I have ever seen in my life and I would suggest hiking here for anyone with an adventurous spirit. Rock Climbing: In addition to it being a fun experience there are many unique climbs throughout all parts of midland that many people don’t know about or haven’t tried because they simply aren’t aware they exist! Extreme Skydiving Section: Hiking Davis Mountains State Park: This hike is 5 miles total out-and-back and has an elevation gain/loss of 449 ft.

Drilling for Black Gold

The Permian Basin is home to numerous geological formations and millions of years of fossilized animal remains. There are many museums and parks that preserve these treasures, so be sure to check them out while you’re here. The Cogdell Oil Museum chronicles thousands of years of oil history; it’s quite an interesting museum with several artifacts from our local drilling past and current operations. For a more active experience, take a tour through several local parks and look for all kinds of fossils. You might even get lucky enough to stumble upon some rare finds!
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Lunch at Cafe Rio with a View of Midland

The views from Cafe Rio will make you never want to leave. The restaurant is situated on top of a hill in Downtown Midland and has stunning views of Downtown, both East and West sides. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy out you’ll be able to see for miles and take some really nice pictures. Another bonus about eating here is that all their dishes are made fresh so your meal will always taste delicious. If you decide to eat at Cafe Rio I would suggest getting their grilled fish taco salad bowl with a steak taco on top! If you decide not to get a meal there they have an appetizer bar that includes cheese sticks, fried dill pickles, chicken wings and even fried ravioli!

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