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YouTube Video Promotion

There are many different ways to do YouTube Video Promotion for free on SPN !

Create an account and embed your YouTube videos in your profile for free. This site is WordPress based, so you can also easily hyperlink or embed your videos here. Share your YouTube videos in a blog, business listing, or the activity feed .

Our social media apps make it easy to get free YouTube video promotion too!

You also join this Networking Group for YouTubers for free. Send invites to connect and engage with other members .

Get free YouTube video promotion. Share your YouTube Videos and channels in our feeds and groups to boost your views. Connect and engage with other YouTubers.

Why Should I post my YouTube Videos on SPN?

SPN has a strong domain authority, so any link you share (in the feed, a group, or in your profile) on gets a good SEO boost, including YouTube videos.

The more comments and links your YouTube Videos get (especially within the first 24-48 hours) the better the videos tend to do.

SPN also has tens of thousands of members and gets millions of clicks weekly, so more people will see your videos. Engage with other members on their YouTube videos, and ask them to subscribe and engage back with your channel. 

Network with other YouTubers on SPN to build your channel. It’s all free too.

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What does Google have to say about YouTube Video Promotion?

Google is the first one to tell you how to promote your YouTube videos . There are many reasons why Google wants you to share your videos on sites like SPN.

Sure, they want people to watch your videos. They also want more people to spend more time on YouTube. Therefore, it makes sense that they want their YouTube Videos popping up on as many sites as possible.

Most of the top social media sites seem to frown about YouTube Video Promotion. That is because most social media sites also want you to spend all your time on their platforms. Therefore, they don’t want to promote YouTube videos. The top social media platforms rather have you share native videos.

We want you to share native videos on SPN too, but we also focus on our members first. It’s not really about what we want, so we want to share your YouTube channel and all your videos here. 

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