Five different styles of wooden stairs

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Wood is a flexible material that works well in practically any space. Even your staircase’ flooring can be made of it! We have some fantastic ideas that will make the process quick and straightforward, so do not worry if you are wondering how to place wood in your staircase. These recommendations may be helpful:

Wood stairs are the best choice if you want to give your property a rustic feel. They have so many varied styles and designs, from straightforwardly carved balusters to elaborate joinery that gives them the appearance of being hand-built.

From bedrooms and baths all the way up to kitchens and offices, wooden stairs can be used in a variety of different places in a home.

Almost any flooring can be utilised with any of our wooden staircase designs, but a gorgeous hardwood floor looks especially good. We have several possibilities that will make you ecstatic, whether you want a classy, simple hardwood for your stairs or something a little more elaborate or distinctive.

For your staircase, wooden flooring is a fantastic choice. It is not only very attractive but also strong and simple to install. Finding a wood that matches your tastes and décor will not be a problem at all because there are so many possibilities available when it comes to wood species and colours. Choose from a variety of our options or ask for a bespoke design.

5 Engineered Wood Based Staircase Designs to Consider

  1. Straight Stairs

Straight stairs are by far the most popular variety; as their name implies, they never change course. A landing may be added to shorter staircases to break up larger ones. One of these staircase designs’ main benefits is that it makes it simple for people to climb and descend, is simple to construct, does not need any intermediary supporting structures, can be made translucent, and looks excellent in minimalist-styled homes.

  1. L Shaped Stairs

An L-shaped wooden staircase is similar to a straight staircase with a 90-degree bend or turn somewhere in the middle, which is accomplished by adding a landing at the point of transition. L-shaped stairs can also be installed in a room’s corner if it complements the aesthetics of the area better. They are safer than straight stairs because the landing also serves as a sort of resting spot and are more aesthetically pleasing.

  1. U Shaped Stairs

U-shaped stairs are essentially two parallel flights of steps linked by a landing that turns the walking path 180 degrees. Commercial and apartment buildings are where they are typically found. Although it might be slightly more challenging to construct, the staircase design is simple to integrate into an architectural plan. L-shaped stairs and U-shaped stairs both offer a place to rest.

  1. Winder Stairs

A more complicated kind of U-shaped stairs, winder stairs have curved triangle steps at the transition point rather than a level landing. Their main benefit is that they take up less room than all other staircase designs and can be utilised as an additional staircase. They have a more evident benefit in that they look better, which has increased their popularity in contemporary home designs.

  1. Spiral Stairs

The helical arc of spiral staircases is well known for resembling a split DNA strand and is characterised by a small structure that loops around a central pole. They are a good option for duplex apartments, beachfront decks, and other structures with limited space because of how small they are. Due to the centre pole, they do not need any additional support structure. The most visually appealing of all stair designs, spiral timber staircases excel in standing out.

Engineered wood meets all your requirements if you are thinking of redesigning or creating a new staircase that is both cost-effective and current in terms of design and material selection. It adds timeless beauty to your areas, raises the market value of your house, and is incredibly simple to keep clean. In addition to providing top-notch engineered wood flooring and accessories, Kingsman also provides pertinent advice and support for installation. Call us at +91 7349252501 or visit Kingsman if you have any queries regarding the options available or how to install wood floors, and we will handle it from there.

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