How To Find A Good Lawyer – Tips On Finding Attorneys

Info On How To Choose Best Lawyer

The Service Professionals Network wants to help you know how to find a good lawyer.

Whether you need help with estate planning, immigration, DUI defense or any other legal representation you need a quality attorney with enough experience. There are countless lawyers to choose from, so it can be difficult to find the best lawyer.

Make sure you find the best lawyer for each unique situation because lawyers come with different experiences and skills. The Service Professionals Network knows how difficult it can be to find the right attorney. Therefore, we feel sharing this info on how to find a good lawyer can help in your time of need.

10 Tips To Find The Best Defense Attorney:

  1. Not all experience is the same:

    There are many different types of law offices and lawyers that specialize in certain types of legal practice. Make sure that the lawyer you consider to represent you have experience relevant to your case. For example, you don’t want a lawyer that does tax law doing your divorce. Everyone needs practice for improving, but you don’t want a lawyer using your case as practice. Go with an attorney that has plenty of real-life experience handling cases like yours.
  2. Get a hungry and competitive attorney:

    There is a big difference in an attorney applying knowledge and education versus one going to war to win. When going to war or court it’s important to go with all guns blazing, so get a hungry lawyer. Lawyers like all of us have ups and downs in their lives. You don’t want to have an attorney representing you that is dealing with personal issues or hates their job.
  3. Listen To your feelings:

    Trust your gut, when considering an attorney, because the jury may get the same impression. Make sure the attorney is both a good speaker and LISTENER also.  A lawyer that listens intently to you explains your case is less likely to miss details. That lawyer probably also cares more than an attorney that is rushing you. Go with the attorney that seems to care about you as much as winning the case. A good attorney will give you options and advise you on what they feel is best. Get a different attorney, if you feel uncomfortable during the initial interview.
  4. A good law office is better than a good attorney:

    It takes a village to raise a child and a team to win a legal battle. There are attorneys that do good on their own, but getting ready for a court appearance is much easier with a team. What happens, if you hire a single attorney that gets sick or can’t make it to court for whatever reason? It’s never a bad idea to ask a lawyer to meet their administrative staff, paralegals and other lawyers on their team.
  5. Look for genuine confidence:

    Lawyers tend to have less than a stellar reputation because there are a lot of lawyers that make grand claims only to under deliver at court. Be concerned, if an attorney is making promises or guarantees because there is always a risk when it comes to law and legal proceedings. You want a lawyer that is will build a strong case through strong preparation. Make sure to ask any potential attorney how they would go about handling your case before you decide to retain them as legal representation.
  6. Good Communication is vital for lawyers:

    Hire a lawyer that takes the time to listen to your story and gives you all the time you need to understand what is going on. Having a lawyer that communicate in court is a must, but you also need an attorney that communicates well with you. You want an attorney that speaks and writes like an attorney, when needed, but also knows how to communicate with you.
  7. Check references before hiring an attorney:

    Great lawyers tend to have a great reputation, so make sure to check references and online reviews. Asking friends and trusted associates for a lawyer they recommend is great, but you should also check them out online too. Even the best lawyer may have a bad review or two, but the good should outweigh the bad.
  8. Make sure the attorney fees make sense:

    You may not always get what you pay for, but you always pay for what you get especially with lawyers. An experienced attorney typically cost more than a lawyer fresh out of law school, but a good lawyer also tends to cost more than an average one. Do your homework on your attorney and their fees to make sure they’re charging reasonable fees.
  9. Check with the local bar association for open complaints:

    It’s never a bad idea to check with the State bar association and public records to ensure your attorney doesn’t have serious complaints. You also want to make sure there aren’t on-going disciplinary actions that may interfere with how you’re represented. Most local bar associations also have a free referral service that helps you find the best attorney to suit your case.
  10. Find a lawyer with serious court time:

    Going to court is never cheap and usually has big consequences tied to it, so make sure you have an attorney that isn’t afraid to go to court. Make sure your potential lawyer isn’t afraid to go to trial and has the experience to represent you successfully.

Law Offices That SPN Refers:

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