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“I’m helping connect those looking for jobs with those who have open positions to fill around the world at no cost to either party.” – Ira Bowman

You can find a job at #ProjectHelpYouGrow.com. You can also post jobs if you’re hiring. Finding or posting a job is also completely FREE. The ProjectHelpYouGrow website will help you whether you’re looking for a job or needing to fill a role at your company. It’s also a great site for anyone with an online presence that wants to get extra backlinks and traffic. Fill out your profile on ProjectHelpYouGrow and add your website and social media links.

Ira Bowman is the man behind ProjectHelpYouGrow. He shares his reasons and passion behind #ProjectHelpYouGrow down below.

Connect with Ira
Connect with Ira on SPN.

Somethings in Life are Free

By Ira Bowman

Have you heard the expression nothing in life is free?  It is a popular saying and many believe it. However, it is untrue.  How do I know? Simple. I offer free help to everyone around the world and have for over a year now. I have not been charging anyone anything for helping them find a job or candidates.   

It’s a true pleasure to help people from every corner of the world with their job search needs. From job seekers through major corporations, I’ve had the pleasure of assisting in many different situations. 

Know someone looking for help? You can send them to ProjectHelpYouGrow.com with confidence that there will be no charge or catch. There are also no advertisements cluttering up or slowing down the pages of the website. You don’t even have to sign up for an account to get help finding a job. 

The Genesis of the Project

In May of 2018, I made a phone call that helped change the direction of my life. This phone call also changed the lives of many others whom I didn’t know at the time from all around the world. 

Mike O’Connor, yes, the founder of #SPN, had made a video that I saw in my LinkedIn feed, where he invited his viewers (if they were smart) to call him. On the call Mike took the time to explain to me the power of 2nd and 3rd level connections and how I can reach more of my target prospects by connecting to folks from everywhere, I knew I had to build up my network.  With the desire to grow in my head and my personal mantra of helping others in my heart, I began the #ProjectHelpYouGrow LinkedIn group.  

The point was simply to create a safe place where strangers could meet and connect on LinkedIn without fear of getting put in the penalty box.  Further, I began to teach people how to get better engagement on LinkedIn with their posts too.

Expanding the Purpose

Almost half of the people who join the #ProjectHelpYouGrow group ask if I could also help them find a job.   At first, I said no, but then after thinking about ways I could help, I began to use FYI.to to compose groupings of candidates who were looking for a job.  It really didn’t help a lot, but the heart and effort were there. People saw the effort so they began to follow the hashtag and join the project.

I began to gain a reputation for being a helper with thousands of new people.  However, the manual process to help people also became too much to keep up with. Therefore, it made sense to build a website or system that would help me help others. The website was born officially on September 22, 2018.  

Free job search help

There are a lot of people worldwide that need free job search help. I know what it’s like to struggle so I really want to help everyone that I can. Helping people find a job became a passion and also my personal mission. There are very few things that I enjoy more than helping someone get a job.

My ambition from the beginning was to help everyone, not just those in my area or from the United States. The website vehicle never sleeps, so time zone differences were not an issue. Luckily the world is very used to dealing in English, so communicating wasn’t a problem either. 

Knowing that people need free job search help also meant that I couldn’t charge candidates. There is no cost to participate so the challenge became getting the site off the ground without a marketing budget. The website had over 250 candidates join the website in the first 24 hours. 

That was a huge boost of momentum for a bootstrap website only being seen from grassroots marketing.  I credit a lot of it to the help from my #SPN teammates that comment on and share my posts. The social media love from SPN members has been so helpful.

Millions of job listings

Millions of people need help finding a job so I felt it made sense to have millions of job listings. There are other job listing sites, but there is also an obvious need for millions of people. We put a lot of time researching how to find a job online. Some job listing sites are really good, but they all have room for improvement.

The #ProjectHelpYouGrow website also deals with major job listing sites. We also have job listings from recruiters and employers that post jobs directly on the site.

The bottom line is on #ProjectHelpYouGrow you get access to almost all the open jobs on the internet without any of the spam. You also don’t have to worry about ads or having your contact info sold to third parties. #ProjectHelpYouGrow will never sell your data because we follow the Golden Rule.

Job services for all

So what job services and other help does #ProjectHelpYouGrow actually offer?  

  • Job listings for job seekers
  • Candidate search, contact, and hiring for Recruiters / Employers
  • Job listings for any company that is looking to hire new employees
  • Candidate profiles that improve personal branding and #SEO results
  • Blog posts to help with all things job search-related
  • Podcast interviews with industry experts
  • Business Partner recommendations via the Partner Tab
  • Personal #SEO Assistance for anyone who creates a Free Profile with Active backlinks

All of this is completely FREE of charge.  No spam, no ads, no membership requirements, and no strings attached. It’s a free job search service for all so join #ProjectHelpYouGrow today!]

Next Steps

Have questions still?  Watch this video as it’ll help explain things more:

Know anyone hiring, looking for a job or looking for candidates to fill job openings?  Send them to the most powerful free resource on the entire internet for all things job search-related. 

Want to build a profile and get going with the free help?  Please watch this video here to learn the best way to get a job through #ProjectHelpYouGrow here:

Thank you for taking the time to read all about my website. Have any questions, feel free to reach out to me here in the comments or send me a message as I’m a proud member here on #SPN and visit every day.


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