Features and Functions of the Shopify Dropshipping App

Drop-shipping has been the preferred method for enterprises that do not wish to be involved in inventory or shipment management. Shopify is now the most popular online eCommerce platform for dropshipping business owners to use to better their operations. The Shopify Dropshipping App is growing in popularity as it helps you sell products online by linking you with suppliers all around the world. Drop-shipping is the ideal business strategy for budding e-commerce entrepreneurs because it is simple to get up and does not require a large upfront investment. When you dropship on Shopify, you won’t have to worry about having too much inventory, and you’ll be able to control it with just a few clicks.

What is the functionality of the Shopify DropShipping app?

A Shopify Drop-shipping app allows retail businesses to choose which products are displayed in the database and find buyers for them. If no order exists, the supplier informs the drop-shipping service with the client’s information, and the order is fulfilled by an allocator who has registered with the drop-shipping service. With the Shopify Dropship app, product shipment from the supplier’s warehouse to the customer’s door is now possible. Suppliers may share their merchandise with merchandisers and generate orders from their own Shopify businesses. There are a variety of dropshipping apps on the market that allow you to add products from suppliers to your store.

Although, in this blog, we have discussed the features of the dropshipping app and why one should go with the Dropshipping app to run the business.

Why should you use Shopify to run your dropship App?

While there are a variety of eCommerce systems that can power your dropshipping business, Shopify remains one of the most popular platforms for merchants. It is due to the fact that Shopify is:

Friendly to drop shippers – One of the best aspects of Shopify is that the platform is well-suited to dropshipping. Oberlo (read our complete Oberlo review), a dropshipping tool that only works with Shopify, is one example.

Shopify is full of amazing features that make the common people can start the eCommerce business on it. Moreover, it provides the services to marketize, manage the sales and payments along with an online store builder, that allows you to design and set up your site.

Easy to use — Shopify is one of the easiest-to-use platforms available. Dropshipping has numerous features and functions, but it doesn’t get overpowering. The company does an outstanding job of explaining how to use its software to retailers.

Now that you have a better understanding of why to choose Shopify for the dropshipping. Let’s look at the benefits it provides to the retailers for their small businesses.

Benefits of Shopify Dropship App

Dropshipping has numerous features to offer to e-commerce merchants. Therefore we have mentioned the benefits of having a dropshipping app on the online store.

Lower start-up Cost

Do you have your own small business and want to increase sales? If yes, then why not adopt the strategy of Dropshipping. It is a low-cost investment required to maintain the inventory or to establish a store. Moreover, the store owner will not require to organize the inventory or hire staff to manage the orders.

No inventory management

Dropshipping reduces inventory management as the merchant does not have to maintain any physical inventory. Moreover, they do not have to track the inventory and manage the infrastructure. Everything will be done by the suppliers including, the shipping management.


From Dropshipping, most retail firms have got benefits. You can operate your business from any location, offer a variety of products, and easily adjust its offers as market preferences shift.


Do you know that with Dropshipping app, the retailer can scale? The fulfillment of the orders is not dependant on the number of workers or the size of the physical location to ship the order. As a result, the dropshipping app can prove to be beneficial to the retailer. The one who has changed the sales owing to seasonal considerations.

Wide Product offerings

Shopify Dropship app will open up great product opportunities. As the retailers can provide a wide variety of products to the customers with the Dropshipping. If you have a small business, Then you might not be able to offer so many options without the storage and can sell a broad selection.


It’s critical to have a great supply chain with minimal bottlenecks if you want to run a successful dropshipping business. Following a supplier-centric strategy, your Shopify dropshipping app should focus on offering exactly that. A drop shipping service would be a great way to reach them with a custom Shopify dropshipping app while also reducing the requirement for a third party. So, if you are influenced by the Dropshipping approach, why not have a Shopify Dropshipping app for your business.


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