FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Ask your questions on how to use SPN in the comments below

This FAQ page is here to help SPN members learn how to use this social media site for the best results. It is also here so you can ask questions in the comments.

We will always be adding more info as we think of it. Please feel free to pose your questions about the SPN activity feed, SPN local business directory, how to submit content or whatever else.

Thank you for being a part of SPN!

Just create an account and post a blog from your social media profile for free. 

We review every blog that people post and highlight the best blogs in the contributors’ corner.

The Service Professionals Network social media site and business directory are completely free to use. It always will be free to use SPN.

We do have marketing services and accept sponsors to help provide this free networking site. We also have Google and Amazon ads throughout the site.

Clicking the links and thinking of us when you do your Amazon shopping really helps!

It also doesn’t cost you anything more to click our Amazon link before you clear your cart.

The sponsors each get a blog with their links on it. That blog rotates on the sidebar of every page. We also list our sponsors in the featured business listing sections.

Read our affiliate marketing disclosure.

The SPN social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook can help you grow on those networks in many different ways. This site is also constantly growing so sharing your content will get you more views.

You will also index your content better in the major search engines by sharing in the SPN activity feed.  Write an intro then attach your image, video, or URL to your social media post using the three icons.

The SPN social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook are why we are here. Like-minded people with similar goals can do great things when they work together. 

The groups will have a less crowded activity feed so more people will see your content over time. Our group pages also get organic hits from many different sources.

The best part is that most of the groups are public so the content you share there will also show up in the main activity feed

Groups will help you find people that also trying to accomplish the same things as you. Feel free to create your own group as long as it’s not a SPAM group.

Yes!! Some people have thousands of backlinks from this site.

Our sponsors and active members that share content in the contributor’s corner, activity feed, and groups can get a lot of quality backlinks and traffic in a hurry.

Your about me summary on your social media profile and business listings can have links and YouTube videos too. The more you write about yourself and your business in the summaries the better.

Let the world and search engines know all about you.

Make sure to also read:

How Google Search Works & How To Be Seen

How To Use Social Media Content Marketing For SEO

Website & SEO Basics You Need To Know

We delete many things that don’t fit our terms and conditions.

We also delete things that don’t add value to the other users or site from time to time. Blogs that have all CAPS, #, or emojis in the title will automatically be deleted.

People that create a social media profile to write about their blog about their business without listing their business in the directory will be deleted. We don’t want a bunch of crappy blogs about business or whatever you’re selling.

We want quality social media activity and guest posts. If it is repetitive or SPAMMY, then we will delete it. We may also delete your account or mark you as a SPAMMER or suspend your account. SPN will not tolerate SPAM in any way.

Add value in some way with the things you share on SPN, please. 

Log in daily and engage on something is by far the easiest way to become one of the most viewed users. The more active you are on the site the more people will see you.

The sidebar and activity feed generate the most profile views.  There is a favorite bump on all the social media activity. So any time someone hits favorite on a post that post will move up to the top of the social media feed. This also works the same in the group feeds. 

You can also leave comments on posts and blog articles. The blogs get a lot of views so engage with people there in the comment sections.

Use the @ symbol to tag your friends. Advertise your usersname on other platforms. The more people see your @___name in the feed the more they will remember it and tag you. 

This site has a lot of pros and cons when it comes to getting profile views. If you’re active and share good content then it becomes really easy.

We tend to comment on YouTube videos and like them, which automatically tweets that video out on the SPN Twitter page.  We also share a lot of the images that you share on our SPN Pinterest page.  There are ton of ways to been seen on SPN. These backlinks will drive more traffic to your post and profile.

SPN originally got going on social media so we could help a nonprofit fundraising mission.  We love to help good causes do better.

Create an account. Add your nonprofit in the business directory. Share information about your cause and events in the feeds. We always try our best to help unite like-minded professionals. 

Make sure to also check out the Nonprofit fundraising blog below:

Nonprofit Fundraising Through Social Media

Anyone can submit products including books for review. We don’t publish negative reviews.

The most it will cost you is a product sample and mailing cost. 

We take the book reviews seriously

You can also create an account and share the information on your book in the activity feed. This will help other members know about your book.

Any of the SPN members can submit content for publishing consideration. 

Yes! Create an account and join the YouTube group so you can share your videos there.

You can also embed your YouTube videos into your social media profile or business listings. The backlinks that SPN provides YouTubers are awesome for SEO value and extra views.

SPN members will watch your videos and seek to build a win-win with you. Make friends and engage with others.

Subscribe to the SPN YouTube channel. We will subscribe back and engage with your videos. Every video that we like on YouTube gets a share on the SPN Twitter page. 

YouTube Group On SPN
YouTube Subscribers & Awesome Videos


The featured members section is pretty much closed at this point.  These SPN members are original members of the LinkedIn group or site. 

Giving the featured members a little extra love in the form sidebar views is the least we can do to say thank you!

Posting your Instagram URL and posts in the Instagram images and connections group will help for sure. SPN has a lot of members that believe in win-win marketing and networking

We also share a lot of content on other social media platforms and search engines. Our team likes to share pictures on our SPN Pinterest page for example.  If you share good images here then people will see them and follow you.

Let’s grow together!

Yes! Sharing your YouTube videos on SPN will help you get more views. SPN will provide your video with backlinks which will help it in the search engines. The other SPN members will also see your video in the activity feed. 

Join the YouTube Subscribers & Awesome Videos group and share your videos there to get more YouTube views. 

Short answer: Yes!

The SPN social media activity feed gets more eyeballs on it every day. There are also a lot of serious social media networking professionals on SPN. Sharing content here will help you been seen by serious social media marketing professionals. 

They will be able to provide great feedback and perhaps help you get your message across better. We also tend to share most of the social media marketing content that hits our site.