Everyone Has An Opinion On Everything

Go and judge me

Everyone has an opinion on everything; exponential personal growth happens when you learn how to discern the difference between valuable feedback, and irrelevant perspectives. You’re the only one that really knows your journey. Remember that at all times.

It’s important, because people react differently to different situations, and no one really knows your story or situation better than you. The thing about being human is it requires us all to be very far from perfection. Our human condition also requires us to learn as we go. None of us know it all, despite what some will have you believe.

In today’s social media world, it’s very easy to get feedback from literally everyone in the world. You just have to go share something about your life in any social media activity feed you want. If you’re real brave, you can also share your own real opinion on something. Go ahead and post a blog about whatever you want. The opinions will come, so be ready to take them all in with a grain of salt, but don’t let them deter you.

A fact is

Trust, but verify and always consider the source

Trust, but verify is one of my favorite old proverbs, and it applies here because even people that have the best intentions often give the worst feedback, advice, and perspectives. 

People often give advice or say things in the heat of the moment or without much deep consideration. Their own biases, which come from their own life experiences, may prevent them from giving you the best life advice or words of wisdom.

Some people will share facts with you, and some will just share their opinions. Don’t be afaird to take it all in with a grain of salt. Apply what you know to be good and true while discarding what doesn’t serve you.

Another to keep in mind while you advance along your journey is that everyone else is also advancing through their own trials and tribulations. We all have life experiences that shape who we are, how (or if) we respond to things, and spend our time.

Your time is always being spent and you never know when it is all gone. Therefore, you should trust yourself to make the best decisions for you. Don’t waste your time. Use your time. There is a difference. If you’re happy and growing into the person you want to be, you’re using your time.

Their own opinion

You know what they say about opinions, right?

That old saying about opinions being like assholes is another one that I think about a lot. People will give you their opinions without much consideration because they don’t really have to live with the results of whatever actions you take to the degree you will. Don’t let other peoples’ opinions hold too much power over you or your life. Work to give yourself all the power you can, because you have to live with the consequences. 

Life is a struggle for everyone, and the struggle becomes harder when you give you too much power to the opinion of others. Empower yourself by being aware of the differences between facts and opinions. Facts aren’t mean or designed to push you one way or another, but opinions sure can be.

Judge me when you are perfect

I’ve been walking around this planet for a long time now. In all that time wandering, I met a lot of people. I have yet to meet a perfect individual. We all have our own unique quirks, shortcomings, and imperfections. It’s what makes us unique, and it develops us into the people that we are.

You can use your  own uniquenesss to build you in the person you were meant to be, or you can try to fight back against it. Owning who you are and not trying to fit into some false box is how you will grow into living the happiest life possible. 

Emulating others will never lead you to finding your own personal happiness. Embrace yourself and just live your best life. Don’t worry about the people judging you; they’re most likely not perfect either.

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  1. Mike, reading this blog felt like I “asked” for your inputs on this and you gave it to me straight (like you do). Thankfully, I read this before letting my head explode.
    On this, “Everyone has an opinion on everything; exponential personal growth happens when you learn how to discern the difference between valuable feedback, and irrelevant perspectives”

    I couldn’t agree more. 🙏