Essays on Anemia


Anemia is derived from the Ancient Greek word, “anaimia” which means lack of blood. Anemia is considered to be the most common blood disorder and has a variety of classifications based on the morphology of red blood cells. Essays on anemia explore the condition of anemia, its symptoms, diagnosis, classifications, causes, treatments and prevention.

Essays on anemia should start with a brief overview of the condition. Anemia refers to the lack of hemoglobin content in the blood. The symptoms of anemia should be discussed and explained next in essays on anemia since some of these signs are vague and hard to determine. The most common symptoms of anemia are fatigue, general malaise, and poor concentration.  Outward signs of anemia include pale skin, vague bruises and swelling of the legs or arms. Essays on anemia should then discuss the diagnosis for this disorder which is usually done by a complete blood count. The classifications of anemia should also be explained in essays on anemia.  These include excessive blood loss, excessive blood cell destruction and deficient red blood cell production. Essays on anemia should also discuss the other causes of anemia apart from the most common which is blood loss. Anemia is treated by taking oral iron supplements for minor cases and blood transfusions or hyperbaric oxygen for severe cases. Lastly, the preventive methods and practices for early detection should be discussed in essays on anemia.

Before writing essays on anemia, you should first consult reliable sources on anemia to get more knowledge about the disorder. Also, by reading examples of essays on anemia from our service, you can gain additional information and insight about the disorder that will help you write a more informative essay.

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