Eight Petals Home Garden Kit – Organic Bio Fertilizer for Plants with Micro Nutrients

Home Gardening Kit For Home Garden and Terrace Garden
Enjoy Residue Free Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers
Improves and Restores Soil Health
Fights against Plant Diseases
Protection from Sucking Insects
Improves Root Respiration

Sometimes, to go back
is to go forward.
Life evolved from a single cell to complex lifeforms that we witness today. As they struggled to survive, a few perished, a few made it through. Nothing was constant. Everything kept dying and regenerating but for one, the great mother earth.

She kept watching silently and nurturing, imbibing numerous secrets through those millions of years. She knows the answer to every question and the solution for every problem. Often, we think that moving forward is to leave behind our roots. Due to the unaccountable usage of synthetic and toxic chemicals, we are destroying our earth. It’s time we embrace the mother nature. Listen to her carefully and unveil those precious secrets, the ones which will not only benefit us human but the entire ecosystem. To move forward, we have to go towards the mother nature and not away from her and harm her.

In this endeavour, we at Biofactor deploy advanced science and technology to provide farmers with products that fetch superior results than synthetic counterparts and thereby keeping our mother nature safe. So, let’s take a step forward together, towards the origin.

Together towards the Origin

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