DIY Hidden Door Hinge System

This DYI Hidden Door Hinge System (Murphy Door ID.HINGEKIT Fmhd Pivot Hinge System W/New Ball Lock Pin) is a great man-cave gift. There aren’t many men that have a man-cave that hasn’t thought about having a hidden room or compartment of some sort. That is part of what makes this such a great gift idea for men. It’s also an affordable and effective way for a handyman to have some fun building his own man cave.

Anyone with the skill and desire to save a wad of cash can install their own hidden door. This hidden door hinge can help hide a secret passage to their man-cave or secret home theater. This DYI Hidden Door Hinge System attaches to create a 24″ or 36″ swinging door. The door can swing in or out depending on preference. You also got to build or buy the door or bookshelf, but this hinge helps a lot.  All the specs and diagrams for building both the door and attaching the DYI Hidden Door Hinge System are included.

Hidden Door Hinge Bookshelf
DIY Hidden Door Hinge System…on Amazon $149.95.

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