Dental exams and check-ups

Dental examinations form the cornerstone of every good preventive dental care regime. A dental exam doesn’t take very long to complete and is painless and non-invasive.

Why Do I Need a Dental Exam?
Dentists often hear this question from patients who feel their teeth and gums are perfectly healthy and view regular dental exams as unnecessary, but it is a short-sighted approach to dental health.

Dr. Shoukry can quickly detect any early signs of disease or problems, allowing us to provide appropriate dental care well before you feel there is anything wrong. The sooner we can diagnose any issues, the more easily we can correct them, helping to preserve and protect your natural teeth.

For example, a small cavity will not cause any pain and is easily filled. Leaving it untreated puts you at risk of developing an unpleasant toothache and an infection that could need root canal therapy or increases the risk of losing the tooth entirely.

How Often Should I Have a Dental Exam?
Most people only need a dental exam every six months to help ensure they maintain good oral health. However, everybody is different, so we devise a custom preventive treatment plan for each patient after your first visit to our practice.

When you first visit South Nassau Dental Arts, we complete a comprehensive dental exam to thoroughly assess your current dental health. We also review your medical health, including any medications, as these could affect the recommended treatment plan. Once we have this information, we can advise you on how often you need a dental exam.

Who Needs More Frequent Dental Exams?
Some people have an increased risk of cavities or gum disease, which might be due to genetics or lifestyle habits such as smoking. Certain diseases, for example, diabetes, can increase the risk of periodontal disease (gum disease).

Dental checkups and teeth cleaning appointments are important during pregnancy to protect the health of both mom and baby. Routine preventive dental care and many dental treatments are perfectly safe during pregnancy, and it can be more harmful to leave dental problems untreated.

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