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SPN is proud to have Crushing B2B as a sponsor partner due to its core values and business networking practices. Craig Wasilchak and his FREE 14-step Crushing B2B digital strategy system help a lot of business owners do better.

You should check out the 14 steps if you’re trying to make money online. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or trying to do because the system works. It works well.

Crushing B2B starts with credibility. So, take a look at the system and you will see how it will help you tell your story in a credible way.

Check out the 14-step Crushing B2B Digital Marketing Strategy System

Learn the 14-step Crushing B2B digital marketing strategy system to generate leads and build your brand.

There is a lot to know in order to have success with digital marketing. Therefore, it makes sense to use a system to help you focus on the things that you need to do to be successful. The Crushing B2B system really does a great job of laying out a blueprint for success. It’s also something that you can use as a reminder no matter where you are in your entrepreneur journey. Life provides a lot of distractions for all of us so it’s good to have a tool to help you refocus on your goals.

How to start selling with LinkedIn

Most professionals have heard of LinkedIn and know the platform can help with B2B sales. However, most professionals also have a hard time learning how to stand out let alone start selling with LinkedIn. Craig and his team of business implementors know how to help you start selling with LinkedIn. They’ll review your profiles and company pages as well as your content and activity to find areas that may need refinement.  The implementor team will also help you make the adjustments and get up to speed with best practices.

Learning how to sell on LinkedIn revolves around knowing how to create engaging content that leads buyers down the right paths. Today’s buyers are savvy so it takes an equally savvy approach to produce results.

The implementor team also knows how to help you get more out of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). There are a lot of ways on top of LinkedIn to help business owners generate sales leads online. Craig and his team will help you find the ways that work best for your business. They also train you and your team on how to use those ways to build your brand and business.

Here are some ways they will help you start selling with LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn campaign coaching- The Crushing B2B team goes over your entire LinkedIn strategy including the profiles of your sales team. They’ll also show you and your team how to network and drive more views to the lead-generating content. This is ongoing coaching and engagement to help your sales team do better selling with LinkedIn.
  2. Training program- Their training program will teach your team how to generate leads through storytelling and win-win networking. This training program is hands-on and includes weekly or bi-weekly video conference calls with your team.
  3. 1-On-1 coaching- The Crushing B2B team of implementors has a lot of experience when it comes to selling with LinkedIn. The implementor team is always available to answer questions, provide feedback and focus your efforts on actions that generate leads. It’s easy to get off track so it helps to have an expert ready to help at your beck and call. The best LinkedIn selling experts work with Crushing B2B.

Make sure to also join the Crushing B2B Digital Strategies group on LinkedIn to get the latest info and tips from our team of experts.

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