Couchmaster CYBOT Ergonomic Lap Desk

The Couchmaster CYBOT is a great gift idea for gamers and anyone that works from home. It’s also great for people that spend a lot of time looking for cool stuff online to buy. The Couchmaster CYBOT was made with high-output notebooks in mind so it has the ventilation that you need.  Its service has a grill so your laptop or notebook will get plenty of air. The grille makes the Couchmaster one of the best gifts for gamers.  

The side arms are cushioned and covered in Kevlar so you have extra protection during your call of duty. It also has military pixel fabric holding the cushions together. The Couchmaster has wrist pads so movable mouse pocket and tablet holder.

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Couchmaster CYBOT Ergonomic Lap Desk

Couchmaster CYBOT - Ergonomic Lap Desk
Couchmaster CYBOT – Ergonomic Lap Desk for Notebooks or Wireless Equipment, Including Pillows, Mousepad. Buy it on Amazon

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