Computer Troubleshooting: Common Tips and Advice

When you have just bought a PC or a Mac, it sometimes breaks down after a few days or a few weeks. At this time, you can still take advantage of your warranty by asking the dealer to replace or repair. Otherwise, considering other options is essential for computer troubleshooting or laptop repair in United Kingdom.

 Computer troubleshooting solutions under warranty

Your desktop or laptop computer is still under warranty. So that’s good news! This means that you can still go to the manufacturer to repair your computer free of charge, provided of course that you have your invoice. It will be necessary to remain vigilant all the same during the purchase, because it can happen that your type of repair computer is not supported by the guarantee.

Indeed, some repairs are not covered even if your pc, laptop or mac is under warranty. This non-inclusion obliges you to pay additional pound in the event of a breakdown not covered by it. This is often the case when the battery or the charger of a laptop but often when the power supply of a PC or a mac bought new or used under warranty fails. Thus, you will have to acquire a new charger elsewhere or from the same manufacturer to be able to have it repaired at the store where you bought it with the possibility all the same of taking advantage of a computer repair service for the replacement of these components. Defective from your store.

 Repair pc the warranty once expired

A new or purchased used computer can break its warranty once it expires. If you find yourself in such a situation, the best course of action is to find other solutions. If you too are a good computer technician, you may even be able to fix this problem. However, it is recommended to call a pro. In this case you can:

– Recontact your retailer to have it repaired, this time for a few pound for PC repairs or Mac repairs, since your computer or laptop is no longer under warranty.

– By using the web tool, you can also contact several computer repair professionals in United Kingdom for the repair of your laptop PC or the repair of your Mac and ask them to obtain a free quote without any initial commitment. Thus, the company you hire can send you a Mac repairman or a PC repairman available around your neighbourhood to perform PC repairs or Mac repairs at home. If the problem is solved in less than an hour, you will only pay what is due to him within the limit of a certain threshold. If this is not possible, have it brought back to him for the workshop so that he can diagnose it and restore it to perfect working order.

 Restore your pc or mac okay, but under what conditions?

Whether a computer is still under warranty or not, calling in a specialist isn’t always necessary for the kinds of troubleshooting or maintenance you can do on your own. That would be a waste of time and money!

 Some computer fault diagnoses can be carried out even by a neophyte, you are also capable of it. The following recommendations will be of great help to you:

– Start by unplugging everything; make sure afterwards that everything is put back in order: reconnect all your peripherals! Once this is done, boot up your Mac or desktop PC. If the problem is resolved, know that you have just saved a few more pound while having managed to remedy the problem without too much difficulty.

– If the first solution did not work, examine the source of the problem in depth by opening the central unit to detect possible faults inside at a glance.

– If the fault does not come from the exterior wiring or the interior wiring, it may simply be due to dust which has accumulated in your central unit. The simple use of a blower should normally make it possible to remedy this if this is really the case.

Some components of your CPU are sensitive and should be left intact. This is the case with printed circuits and electronic components. Only use specific PC or Mac cleaning products to thoroughly clean your desktop PC or Mac.

Practical guide to maintenance and simple troubleshooting pc and mac

Detect the breakdown: a computer breakdown can be linked to the defect of a hardware component, failure of the operating system or of one or more software following an attack by a virus or all kinds of malware… To diagnose display problems, you will need to refer to the computer configuration to check for any incompatibility problems.

Some software not only allows you to know in detail the components of the computer, but also allows you to know the operating status of the fans of the graphics card.

Hard disk capacity, RAM and CPU are the three useful characteristics to evaluate the capacity of a machine. To compensate for the slowness of your PC or Mac, you can defragment your disks and clean them regularly by erasing useless data. If your computer is not good enough, you can boost its RAM and in case it gets seriously infected due to lots of malware attacks, format the whole system then reset it, strengthen your firewall and use a program antivirus much more efficient by ensuring that it is regularly updated.

If you don’t know where to start to clean your computer (files, programs, viruses, etc for detailed explanations.

  • Optimize your security: this is an absolute necessity since your system is exposed to the risk of viral infections. Installing an antivirus, strengthening your firewall and updating them regularly are 3 things necessary to strengthen the protection of your PC or Mac. You can easily find a multitude of free or paid antivirus online. Among them are: Avast, AVG, Norton and Kaspersky.
  • Recover your data: several kinds of attacks are likely to cause a significant loss of data. To overcome this, opt for multi-media storage. In other words, always have the habit of saving your most important data in media other than your internal hard drive (CD rom, DVD, external hard drive, large capacity USB key, etc.).
  • Repair the machine: having a solid knowledge of computers is a sine qua non to be able to repair and maintain your pc or mac correctly. A slowness problem can be solved by boosting your ram and your processor. To store heavy data, you will need to install hard drives with a larger backup memory. To fight malware, nothing is better than a good antivirus. Before you venture into replacing or repairing a processor or motherboard, make sure you first acquire all the necessary knowledge, that’s the best advice we can give you!

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