Color Changing Light Panels

These Color Changing Light Panels are Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Amazon Alexa Compatible so you can program them. They are also a really cool way to light up your home or office in many ways.  Transform your office or living area on command simply by installing these color-changing LED light panels. They really can help set the mood perfectly. 

The base station you see above serves as a hub for up to 1,000 touch-sensitive light panels. Each panel changes with a simple tap so they can establish endless color schemes. These color-changing LED lights also have built-in rhythm music sync capabilities. There are more than 16 million colors with all the shades of white at your disposal. You can also install them easily with the simple mounting tape that comes with each light.

These light panels connect to all the senses playing on sight, sound, and touch. This means the light experience goes way beyond mere function as it also adds to the enjoyment.  It’s also a simple plug and play that is you can set up easily right out of the box. It takes a smart home and makes it super-intelligent due to the edge-lit design, LEGO-like setup, real0time music sync, and built-in rhythm tech. The touch and voice control with these light panels are next-level tech so everyone will love them. The light panels are a piece of art that also can turn any room into a party scene. Get this smart lighting system for the home or office today!

Color changing led lights

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