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Wedding poses are significant to the wedding day – they can make or break a wedding. A couple must discuss with their photographer what poses they like, what they want to avoid, and which ones will work best for the day. The most popular type of wedding pose is the couple standing in front of each other. This is often used in romantic or intimate weddings, but not always. Another popular type is the bride and groom embracing each other while looking into each other’s eyes.

Well, there are so many poses that you can discuss with the Best Paris elopement photographer so that he can help you in getting the pictures you want. Here I am sharing some of my personal poses that a couple must try on their D-day!

Types of wedding pose a couple must try:

·         The Bride and Groom First Look:

The Bride and Groom First Look is a pose that is becoming more popular in the wedding industry. It is a pose that involves two people sharing the same space. The couple will stand with their backs to each other, facing away from each other. One person will lean against the wall and stretch out their arm, while the other person will stand on their toes and reach for the hand of their partner, who is leaning against the wall as well.

·         The Forehead Kiss:

The Forehead Kiss is a type of wedding pose that was popularized in the 1990s. This kiss is performed by placing your forehead on your partner’s for about a minute. It symbolizes many things like love, unity, and closeness. A couple must try this pose if they want to show their commitment and love towards each other during their wedding ceremony.

·         A Lovely Glance:

A Lovely Glance is a type of wedding pose a couple must try. It is one of the most popular and most loved poses in the world of Best Paris Couple PhotographyThis is a pose where the bride and groom are kissing with their eyes closed. The bride’s hand is on his face, while his hand is on her waist.

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·         Candid Laughter:

The most common type of wedding pose is the funny one. The couple will be laughing and smiling the whole time with the help of these poses. This will make their wedding day even more special with their loved ones. They can also try out some silly poses that are fun for them to do together, such as dancing in a circle or jumping on each other’s backs.

The most important thing to remember when you are trying to get the perfect candid laughter is that it needs to be genuine. You don’t have to try anything too “out there” or over the top.

·         The Cake Cutting:

The Cake Cutting is a traditional wedding pose. It can be done in many ways, but the most common ones are to cut the cake with a knife and fork or to cut it with scissors. The couple will usually do this after the ceremony, during their first dance, or during their first meal together as a married couple. It is a tradition that is practised in many cultures.

·         Lap Dance Pose:

This pose is perfect for those who want to feel sexy while they get married. The bride and groom sit on the floor with their backs leaning against each other, with one arm around each other’s neck and one leg over the other’s lap.

Wedding poses and their importance in the wedding ceremony are an important part of a couple’s wedding. They are not only a way to express love but also a way to show off their personality. Here I have discussed some of my favourites, and the rest is on you what will you discuss with the Wedding Photography Parisservices provider!


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