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The richest and most Infamous blogger globally has the highest net worth today. Jacksepticeye was born on February 7, 1990, and is an affluent vlogger and YouTuber. Moreover, he makes an online commentary video documentary known as Let’s Play (LP). People love his video game playthrough commentary with millions of followers. Let’s go through this article to explore more about Jacksepticeye.


Who is Jacksepticeye? What is his original name?


There is a trend of using pseudo names to become famous over the internet. The original name of Jacksepticeye is Seán William McLoughlin. He is an Irish blogger who owns the most subscribed Irish channel. He is Irish and has an Irish accent which people adore. Moreover, his Let’s play series is very popular among teenagers, with more than 15 billion views. Also, more than 28 million followers have subscribed to his channel. 


What is Jacksepticeye Net worth? How did he earn his net worth?


According to a report in 2018, Forbes estimated that Jacksepticeye is the eighth highest paid vlogger and YouTuber. He is known to be the wealthiest social media with a $25 net worth. How does he earn this net worth? 

Jacksepticeye is the most known internet celebrity. A maximum part of his net worth comes from his internet videos. Moreover, he, along with another YouTube, runs a clothing brand and coffee franchise. This is how he has millions in his bank account. Also, jacksepticeye is known for his active participation in charity events. He has successfully raised millions for charity in the past few years.


Jacksepticeye: Early life and Education


Jacksepticeye was born in County Offaly in the winter of 1990. This Irish guy is the youngest of all the five siblings. He picked his pseudonym from an incident in his childhood. He was playing football when Sean William got injured, and people around him started calling him “Jack Septic Eye.” Now, you know where did he get his name from.

Moreover, Jacksepticeye attended Limerick Institute of Technology and studied music and record production. However, he had other plans and did not wish to settle for this. Thus, he left his studies and returned. Then, Johnsepticeye decided to live alone and pursue a career in Hotel management, which he completed in 2017.

Jackseptic eye started his internet career in 2012. Initially, he started uploading voice impression videos which were not very successful. His career got a kickstart when he switched to online gaming commentary. People started subscribing to his channel when he began uploading gaming commentary videos.  

Moreover, his list of subscribers moved from hundreds to thousands in five days when PewDiePie mentioned him in one of his videos in 2013. 

Initially, Jacksepticeye started uploading videos part-time. However, after getting millions of likes on his videos, he decided to pursue a full-time career as a social media influencer. And we all know that his decision was right as he achieved a lot of success in his YouTube career.

Furthermore, he is still making lots of inspirational videos that people love to watch. If you have not explored any of his videos, try it! You will become his huge fan!



We got to know many interesting facts about one of the wealthiest social media influencers, Jacksepticeye. I hope you find this article worth reading. Take care and be safe!


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