Check out the steps to play Black Pokemon ROM in this article!

Pokemon black rom

Are you obsessed with Pokemon? You must have heard about the new version of black and white pokemon ROMs. Check out the steps to play Pokemon Black ROM below:-


  1. Open your computer/laptop’s browse and search for No$GBA or No cash GBA emulator. 2. Once you find the suitable download link, download the zip file and save it on your computer. Please make sure not to open it before directed. 
  2. Moreover, search for the White and Black Pokemon ROMs suitable links and download the game on your computer. 
  3. Once done, Extract the zip life that you have saved before. After that, a hollow folder named “battery” will appear on your screen. 
  4. Now, drag the ROMs downloaded files into the battery folder. 
  5. Now, go back to the main folder of No cash GBA and search for the file named NO$Zoomer.exe. Please open it and select the white and black Pokemon ROM you wish to play. 
  6. Once you do that, you will see several codes appearing under the game version. Copy these codes available under the PKMNBW.TXT file. 
  7. Now, to open the cheat interference, press the cheat option from the options available on the left of the screen. Or, you can simply press F2 to access cheat. 
  8. Now, the gaming codes you just copied need to be posted here in the cheat text box. After pasting all the gaming codes, it will ask you to choose a name for the folder. Choose “Action replay” and press enter. 
  9. After saving the gaming codes, the folder will start appearing in the cheat list. Double click on it. The gaming file will get enabled. 
  10. Now, to reset the list, choose on File option at the top of the screen. Open it, and you will see the second option is Reset. 
  11. Congratulations! You are all set to play this game as it has been successfully installed. 13. Start playing this game, and if you need to explore any settings, click F11.


What is No$GBA? What do we need it?


No cash GBA, aka N0$GBA, is one of the best emulators known to play the Pokemon games on your PC. This emulator was released in 2006 to deliver a fast and smooth gaming experience. Emulators are computer software that makes it possible for your computers to support your games with zero issues. The other best emulators to run Pokemon DS games are: 

  1. DeSmuMe with best graphics and is highly compatible. 
  2. MelonDS with high resolution and accuracy. 
  3. RetroArch to deliver high performance with some default games. 
  4. OpenEmu with updated UI. 
  5. Citra will have multiplayer options and very high resolution. 
  6. DrasticDS with high emulation and online google drive option. 
  7. Lemuroid with crossplay facility and even support zipped ROMs. 

These are some categories with which you can play the POkemon games smoothly. However, there is no match for NO$GBA. NO cash GBA is considered the best emulator because of its high emulation speed and low memory usage. 

I hope this article will help you enjoy the Pokemon game you wish to play. Thank you for your time. Take care and be safe!


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