Check out some exciting facts about Sharks in this article!

Sharks are the most beautiful yet dangerous underwater creatures. You may call them the miracle of mother nature. Because of their reputation, it is not easy to go near a shark. They top the list of the most dangerous mammals on earth. Today, we will discuss how much we know about this extraordinary underwater species. Let us explore together!


Are Sharks color blinded? Do they have good vision?


You may not have heard this, but Sharks have very good eyesight. They have a reputation to maintain for the world’s biggest predators. Therefore, mother nature has blessed them with a sharp eye. They can see colors well and have extraordinary night vision so that they can find their food hidden even in the darkest of areas. This is how good Sharks are! Maybe that’s why they are known as the world’s most dangerous hunters.


How old are Sharks? Did they exist during the stone age too?


When the humans were evolving, Sharks were also trying their best. There is a phase in the evolution theory by Charles Darwin called “survival of the fittest.” There is enough evidence to prove that Sharks existed during the stone age. Just like homosapien, they chose to evolve and become predators. Sharks survived the most difficult environment because of their amazing hunting techniques and sharp eye. For your information, Sharks are the first mammal to appear in the Oceans. Moreover, according to a fossil, Sharks are more than 450 million years old as a species. They are our ancestors!


Do Sharks have bones?


This fact about Sharks will leave you awestruck! We all know that humans have proper bone structure, spinal cord. Human life is dependent on this skeletal structure. However, you will not believe it, but sharks do not have a single bone supporting their body structure. How can that be? They are the world’s most popular predator with no bones!


Instead, Sharks contain a simpler, softer, and flexible tissue that the human skeleton called cartilage. This cartilage results from evolution and is as strong as a human skeleton. Furthermore, cartilage provides flexibility to the Sharks to move around the ocean in search of food. Also, you can call cartilage a very thick skin that gives Shark jaws flexibility to open their mouths wider than we can.


How can we determine the age of Sharks?


This is another brilliant fact about Sharks. It is possible to determine a shark’s age with the help of its vertebrae. It contains pairs of bands in rings on sharks’ vertebrae. Counting these rings can easily help to determine the age of sharks. For example, if the rings on the body of a shark are 20, that means the shark’s age is 20. As per the studies, the lifespan of a shark ranges between 20-30 years.


How do Sharks reproduce?


Not every shark lays eggs to reproduce. There is a great diversity among sharks in terms of reproduction. Some sharks lay eggs in the water and leave them everywhere. These eggs then hatched in the water with zero care. This process of reproduction is called Oviparous.

However, some sharks are viviparous, which means their babies grow inside their bodies.


I hope you read all the interesting facts about Sharks. I bet they are amazing and worth reading. Thank you and take care!


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