Can you fix a cracked mirror?

Many people would throw away a mirror once it has become cracked or chipped. But, do you know a broken mirror is easy to repair? Getting a new big mirror can get expensive. Instead of going for a costly mirror and window glass replacement in Sacramento, you can fix a cracked mirror cheaper.

In this blog post, we will tell you the easy steps you need to do to fix your cracked mirror:

Before you begin fixing a cracked mirror, get a basic glass repair kit from local auto supply stores. These kits are designed to improve glass surfaces, windshields, and mirrors. So, you will find all the stuff you need for repair, including stabilizers, epoxy resin, film, and glass cleaner.

You can also buy a cracked mirror repair kit from any reputable mirror and window repair in Sacramento to fix your cracked mirror in your home.

Here is what you need to do: 

1. Clean the cracked part

Cleaning the mirror is essential to ensure your mirror has no stains on it. If you don’t clean it, the repair kit will have a problem working effectively. So, clean the entire mirror and the part around the crack with a microfiber cotton towel properly.

2. Apply a stabilizer film

Take the stabilizer film from the repair kit. Remove the adhesive back of the stabilizer film and then put it over the crack. Make sure you have peeled off the adhesive back properly for correct application. While applying the stabilizer film, press it onto the damage to apply it correctly and effectively. Use your fingers to smooth the surface of the stabilizer film.

3. Put resin 

The syringe and epoxy resin adhesive come together in the kit. The syringe is there to make the application easy for you. Take the needle and fill it with resin. Now, insert the syringe’s tip through the stabilizer and propel it into the crack areas in the mirror. Press the stabilizer film to let the resin set into the cracks properly. Give it time to let it set. It needs to dry up properly. Wait for at least 45 minutes before you peel off the stabilizer film.

4. Remove the stabilizer film.

Before peeling off the stabilizer film, make sure the resin has dried. To find out if it has dried or not, touch the resin surface. If your hands don’t stick, proceed with removing the stabilizer film.

5. Remove the extra resin.

Now is the time to remove the excess amount of resin covering the crack areas.

Use a razor blade to remove the leftover wax from the cracked mirror.

6. Clean the mirror once again 

While fixing the cracked mirror, you have touched the mirror so many times. So, clean the mirror at the end with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Cleaning it thoroughly will ensure it doesn’t have any stains on it.

If your mirror is hard to repairable, you should call a good mirror replacement service to have Custom mirrors in Sacramento

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