Cain Velasquez Is Facing Life In Prison

Cain Velasquez Is Facing Life In Prison
Cain Velasquez Is Facing Life In Prison
Cain Velasquez Is Facing Life In Prison

This editorial contains my personal opinions, and I invite you to share your opinions on this subject or any other subject in the comments below.

What I know about the Cain Velazquez shooting

There are some disturbing allegations about Harry Eugene Goularte Jr., the man that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velazquez is accused of trying to murder on On February 28, 2022.

Velasquez allegedly shot at a man from his truck on a main freeway in Santa Clara County, California. The intended victim, Harry Goularte Jr, was riding in a car with his stepdad and mother. Velasquez also allegedly rammed his vehicle into the car, and shot at Goularte Jr through the windows of the vehicles, but missed his intended target. The stepdad was hit twice and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Velasquez was formally charged yesterday with one count of attempted first-degree murder. He was also charged with several other charges that can lead to him spending the rest of his life in prison.

My Opinion On The Cain Velasquez Shooting

I think that Cain Velasquez should absolutely face charges for his criminal actions.

However, I also feel there should be a major review of the circumstances that led to Harry Goularte Jr. being free on bail. A person accused of his crimes should be behind bars until their case is resolved.

I also feel it would be hard for anyone on a jury to want to convict Cain Velasquez for trying to kill the guy that molested his kid. If the prosecutors wanted a conviction, they wouldn’t want anyone like me on the jury.

The prosecutor should offer Cain Velasquez a plea deal, if Harry Goularte Jr. is found guilty of molesting his kid. It sounds like a clear cut case of temporary insanity to me.

Again, let me know your thoughts in the comments, and thanks for reading my opinions on this matter.


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  1. So, I just have a whole lot I could say here. But, being cognizant of what you put out into the world and the reach it can have, the arms and legs it can grow…I’ll reign it in…

    I’ll just say, this useless piece of flesh, masquerading as a “man” (Harry G.) is fortunate to be intact. He would have a very different storyline here, if I had been involved. I certainly don’t condone random acts of violence; or, taking the law into your own hands – but, you hurt an innocent little, end of story.

    Further, the moment the Prosecutor voiced the unfortunate nature of not allowing this to process through the Criminal Justice System – maybe the “system” where he comes from works just fine. BUT, I’ve got little faith in the fallible processes I’ve seen first hand.

    There just are not words adequate for what the accused individual needs to face – the forever impact of what destruction was inflicted on that innocent little, cannot be remedied. I’ll stop here, before I get a little too carried away on this…IMO, people like this have no place in civilization.

    1. I have little faith in a system that lets a man accused of doing that to a child while working in a day care could be free on electronic monitoring. I agree with your opinion.

      1. ? for the innocents…the system is broken – the most vulnerable in our society are daily handled by some of the least desirables; because, there is little to no value placed on caring for the young, elderly and individuals with challenges or disabilities. Society has missed the mark on what we place our value in – #peoplematter

    2. Tavita, I truly understand what you’re saying, both written and non. This is a disgusting situation, and the legal system rarely gets it right in prosecuting the offenders…especially in today’s world of forgiveness.

  2. Free Cain!

    Even if the other guy is innocent, he should have been put behind bars until his day in court. Presumed innocent isn’t the same as not a danger to themselves or the general public. In cases like this, it’s better to leave people behind bars, until the facts get settled.

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