Brief information on Duct Adhesive Tapes

Delta Duct Air Conditioning manufactures the best quality Duct Adhesive Tapes. The company tests them as per ASTM E84. Delta makes them available in 2 / 3/ 4 inches width and about 25-yards – the standard size of a roll. Delta Duct supplies different types of duct adhesive tapes with custom sizes if required.

Delta Duct ensures that the duct adhesive tapes are made with the latest technology considering their applications in various sectors. The company does not compromise with the product quality and its distribution. Below are the different kinds of duct adhesive tapes supplied by Delta Duct:

Alu foil tape is made of soft aluminum, attached with a high-performance synthetic rubber resin adhesive. It is resistant to water, fire and ageing. It comes with an easy release liner. It is quite useful for sealing joints and seams against moisture. Delta Duct is one of the best aluminum tape manufacturer in Dubai.

Alu glass tape is a foil glass cloth back with a flame retardant acrylic adhesive. It has an easy liner release. They have an FR grading. Useful primarily in HVAC units and industries.

The single-sided EVA Foam Tape has an EVA base, a coating on one side with strong solvent acrylic adhesive / hot melt adhesive with silicon / glassine silicon paper as the release liner. It is useful on irregular surfaces, auto-mirror and used in the automobile industry. It is easy to peel and the adhesion does not leave marks. It is waterproof, anti-shock, heat-resistant and easy to cut.

The single side NBR Foam Tape seals well, is durable, waterproof, anti-shock, heat, sound and UL resistant. It works well on surfaces like steel, wood, plastic and paper.

Double side PE tape is resistant to weather conditions and chemicals. It absorbs sound, is water-proof, works well on surfaces like steel, plastic, glass and metals. It can best withstand a temperature range of 21-28 degree centigrade.

Delta Duct Air conditioning is one of the best adhesive tape manufacturers in UAE which provides wide range of Adhesive tapes used for different applications.

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