Best SSB coaching centre in Dehradun

The Dehradun SSB coaching centre that gives you the maximum chance of passing your next test is considered to be the best. An experienced and qualified staff at the centre should be able to walk you through the procedure and make sure you comprehend the ideas.

What is SSB interview?

A particular sort of interview used by the Services Selection Board to choose candidates for the Indian Armed Forces is known as an SSB interview. The purpose of the interview is to evaluate the candidates’ potential, intelligence, and personality.

There are two stages to the interview process: Stage I and Stage II. Candidates must take the Officer Intelligence Rating Test and the Picture Perception and Description Test at Stage I. For Stage II, which includes an interview, group testing officer tasks, psychological tests, and the conference, applicants who pass Stage I are subsequently contacted.

One of the most difficult interviews in India is the SSB interview. But it is feasible to ace the interview and be chosen for the Indian Armed Forces with the right preparation and direction.

Tips to crack SSB interview?

  1. The SSB interview is a personality test, not an assessment of intelligence, and candidates must keep this in mind.


  1. Don’t strive to be someone you’re not; just be yourself. Candidates who are truthful and genuine are what the interviewers are looking for.


  1. When interviewing, maintain composure and confidence. Make sure to look the interviewers in the eye and respond to their queries succinctly.


  1. Before responding to each question, take some time to consider it. Avoid rushing through your responses because doing so can seem that you’re anxious or unsure of yourself.


  1. Be prepared for frequent SSB interview inquiries, such as those about your interests, hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses.


  1. With the support of friends or family, practise mock interviews to increase your confidence the day before the actual interview.


Syllabus for SSB interview?

The SSB interview syllabus is divided into two sections:


Screening test, first

Main Interview 2.


Screening Exam: The screening exam is used to determine whether an applicant is suitable for selection to various defence forces. The screening test consists of a written objective test, followed by group and individual tasks given by shortlisted candidates.

Primary Interview

The primary interview is undertaken to evaluate the candidate’s personality. An officer will first assess the candidate’s IQ and general awareness before beginning the main interview, which typically lasts 4-5 days. A series of examinations, including psychological tests, group exercises, and a final individual task are conducted after this.


Best SSB coaching centre in Dehradun

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