Best Furniture Packing tips for a hassle free moving

Moving can be stressful – in the midst of planning, preparing and packing, there is a lot to be overwhelmed about. Therefore, organized and efficient packing measures would go a long way in ensuring your move is hassle free and smooth with minimal interruptions.

Since larger items, such as furniture, cannot be packed much in advance, taking note of furniture packing tips would help a lot during the moving process. Below are some furniture packing tips for a hassle free moving experience.

1. Dismantle & detach furniture

If there are parts of furniture that can be disassembled, dismantled or detached, it is best to do so. These include dresser drawers, table legs and bed frames too. Packing each individual item safely and securely will ensure safe transportation, in addition to compact packing space that does not take up too much space in transit. Small items such as nuts, bolts and screws are meant to be kept securely so that it does not go missing during the moving process. It is recommended to store them in a central location, or place them in small bags to be stored along with the furniture it was a part of. This will make the assembly process at the new location much easier.

2. Choose the right material to protect furniture

It is important to use the right packaging material to ensure your furniture is transported safely with no damage such as cracks, scratches or breakage. It will also ensure your furniture is protected from water and dirt during transport. For this, packaging material such as bubble wrap, packing tape, plastic wrap, furniture blankets, cardboard boxes, corrugated padding cardboard as well as mattress covers are essential. 

3. Proper transport, loading and unloading

Weight distribution is an important aspect of packing furniture that is to be moved.

Fragile parts of furniture, such as glass surfaces, small parts, furniture legs etc. require additional packaging for safe delivery. These materials are to be packed in spaces above heavy items.

With heavier and sturdier items toward the bottom, item movement and shifting must be avoided with implementation of buffer material too.

4. Hiring experts

Industry-experts who have a lot of experience packing and transporting furniture make the process of moving a lot easier and less stressful and time consuming. Such companies will pack the furniture as intended for transportation, and also go the extra mile with suitable assembly and disassembly as per your requirements. This mitigates any risk of damage while causing minimal hassle to you, freeing you to focus on the other aspects of your moving process.

Furniture moving can be a hassle, and companies like Fit Movers can make this process a lot more simple for you. Among the best furniture movers in Dubai, Fit Movers excel in furniture repair, packing and transportation which will lower your stress and make your moving experience a lot better.

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